Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions – HomeCareAbout

– Introduction

Though our privacy policy has enlightened you about how the site works and it is governed, but still terms and conditions will deep in more.

As you are using our site, you have agreed with our privacy policy and terms and condition without any warrant. HomeCareAbout is trying its best to make sure you understand how the site works.

– Communication

By using HomeCareAbout, you have agreed to be enrolled in our newsletter, advertisement, and any kind of update we may send to you. You can also sign out of any of this if you are don’t want to.

– Content

HomeCareAbout has given you a maximum right to do whatever with our or your content, but must not be against the following;

* To use it in tarnishing our public image

* To use it in making against anyone or society

* To use in such a way that can go against any national or international organization rule and regulations

* To blackmail or impersonate someone

* To secretly or public harm someone

* To use it making business without my consent

* To use in any form of writeup without referencing us

However, you need to know that we have no responsibility or control over what you do with your content. You are the owner and you can do whatever you want it.

– Analytics of Data

As we work tirelessly to ensure you are enjoying our site without any problem, we can use any kind of third-party to analyze the activities of the visitors.

– Copyright Policy

We respect and honor the ownership of people’s properties, no matter what it might be.

We are totally against using some copyright properties. So if you by any means find out the copyright property of someone, kindly use our mail ([email protected]) to point out where it is on our site. In that mail, make sure you include all details of that particular copyright property.

Note that you might be held responsible for the claim of property if found out not to be true.

– Error or any kind of mistake

While using HomeCareAbout, you might find any kind of error or mistake made on our contents. No matter how small it is, please use mail use here ([email protected]) including the link or the screenshot of the mistake pointed out.

– External link

As we try out best to publish quality and worthy content, we might recommend or hyperlink some external links. We want you to know that we don’t have any control over such links as we have stated in our privacy policy already.

This page might be updated at any time, do always check in case if need it.