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As most users of the internet across the world value their privacy, we value and respect it too.

The privacy policy page is the most complex and long among standard writeups among all other pages of any platform. It is long which visitors find it hard to read all. We must make sure we enlighten you on how we obtained your data and which way they are processed.

HomeCareAbout will ensure that it update this page once there is new information available to be included. We will keep trying our best to make our privacy policy clear and simple to read and understand.

Using our site, after reading this to the end means that you have agreed to our privacy policy else you should quit using it immediately.

Our Site Privacy Policy 

Data Collection and Usage

HomeCareAbout collects some particular kind of information from you for site development and other relating things.

Kind Of Data We Obtain

– Usage Info

When operating our platform on your device browser, we usually obtain some information through the cooperative of your browser. That kind of information is called Usage Info.

The kind of information we obtained from you includes network provider, device (desktop or smartphone), IP address, time spent, particular time (am or pm), and date you visited the site.

This kind of data is harmful/bad to you, they are only used to improve the site loading experience. Your data can’t be used for whatever else.

– Personal Info

Your personal information is collected with your consent. This is used purposely for your own convenience.

The personal information includes name, mail-username address, your site URL, and then cookies. While using our site, if you precede to comment on a content published. The comment section is designed with all the above-mentioned information box which you are required to fill to submit your thought.

After you submitted it, the site in compliance with the browser would ask you whether to save your submitted details“Save Or Not Now”. This information can be used next time if you want to comment if you saved it the first time.

– Cookies and tracking technologies

Concerning cookies, every visitor should enable them. Since before, you have agreed we can use our technology engine to monitor your operation on the site.

The cookies enabled help the site to function well and better. It is not enabled, some features might not work perfectly as expected.

– Data Sharing

While using our website, you agree that HomeCareAbout can manipulate your data to third parties like Google AdSense and others.

Although the third parties use the information for reasonable purposes to figure your experience issue and solve for better. The advertising cookies are shared with some world advertising companies like Google Adsense, Ezoic, Propellers, etc.

WARNING!!! By continuously using our site, you agree with our privacy policy. Always endeavor to visit our site for more new updates.