Best 10 Ways To Hang A Mirror On A Door

mirror on the back of a door

The mirror on the back of a door looks very beautiful in houses, though some people don’t like it. It looks polite in our various rooms. Some houses are using it already. It is not a new idea.  Houses that use mirrors already know how beauty it looks in rooms. Some people like Feng Shui … Read more

The Story Behind Our Crystal Fireplace And How It Went (Squashed And Pivoted)

crystal fireplace

For some months now, Homecareabout has come along with different updates about home relating content. Today, we shall be discussing the crystal fireplace and the process we passed through before our final desired destination. Though there are different kinds of fireplace structures, our concern today is the crystal one. The process started first when we … Read more

Our Sunroom Wall Art And How We Do It 

Sunroom wall art

The brick wall of our sunroom looks somehow without paint and that doesn’t make us comfortable seeing how it is whenever we are in the room. The wall looks somehow rough and unattractive, which makes us to decide of painting the wall. We painted the brick wall and before you know it, it becomes very … Read more