How To Paint Your Daybed (Explained)

Painted daybed

After creating an office space in my living room, I decided to obtain a metal daybed. The mattress is a superb one and that’s why I fell in love daybed. It has a good bolster too. When I obtained the daybed, I thought that the black is even better than the other. At a side … Read more

10 Wood Framed Fluorescent Light Fixtures Ideas That Makes Home Great

Wood Framed Fluorescent Light Fixtures

Have you been thinking about your wooden framed light fixture? How to remove or change it, I am not particularly there but this has been in your mind for other days while thinking and reviewing how you can approach your wood-framed fluorescent light fixtures. The framed wood is of a different kind in terms of … Read more

6 or 4: How We Chose The Best Height For Our Granite Backsplash

6-inch granite backsplash

Even though the 6-inch granite backsplash has been underrated by some people, it doesn’t stop us from considering our own for a makeover. When we headed to the store to buy some materials for our ongoing home makeover, we reached the granite backsplash and suddenly we were contemplating on which size we should go for. … Read more

How We Chose The Paint Color Of Our Exterior

Gravel Gray

Some months ago, we made very huge progress about the house we were seriously rebuilding. It was not easy as expected, but we were able to conclude the house reworking at the end. After working on the house exterior for the habitat and humanity, we realized that there is a need for us to paint … Read more