The Story Behind Our Crystal Fireplace And How It Went (Squashed And Pivoted)

For some months now, Homecareabout has come along with different updates about home relating content. Today, we shall be discussing the crystal fireplace and the process we passed through before our final desired destination. Though there are different kinds of fireplace structures, our concern today is the crystal one.

The process started first when we proceed with the fireplace revive operation. It consumes some supplies during the process. Some dried on tiles in a particular place. We have to forget and ignore it since it is no longer usable rather be cleared out away. I was full of doubt of if the fireplace can be possible.

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We plan to use gas logs in the fireplace which is best to do concerning the process and use a well-vented chimney to balance it while the fire is on. Venting the chimney should not be taken for granted. The gaseous elements that are yielded from the fireplace inside should not be let into the room while people breathe it. It is dangerous and not good for a healthy purpose.

Apart from the vent option, there is it opposite known as ventless that doesn’t require any form of a vertical tube for passing out the gaseous element or smoke. The ventless requires some logs to make it gaseous-free (i.e passing out through logs).

crystal fireplace

We decided to make it ventless due to the failure of the chimney and even on our plan to make it glass logs. We removed way the pinched clumps in the first place. We decide to use a very quality coat that can last for years and adapt the gaseous room section. That will make it look good too.

We painted the inside part of the fireplace which makes it look amazing. But upon that, I realize that the outside part (the 4 side length angles) needs to be painted too to make it look good completely. We trim it first and then paint it too. It looks like a new constructed fireplace, that’s so amazing.

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A lot do ask or wonder why do people admire and think of getting a gas fireplace in our country/state/province or even other places across the world? Well, this might be new to someone and not to most people.

The answer doesn’t need to be discussed on the discussion table, but anyway I shall discuss why is fireplace considered in some places across the whole world.

crystal fireplace

Some countries/states/provinces are most times warm and do get winter during midnight. Those kinds of places require a fireplace. In most cases, during that time, we prepared for it with the gas fireplace set-up which help us to curb the situation throughout time.

As some people are often used to and feel so adaptive to warm weather, they felt uncomfortable once it changes to any other situation. Just like my dear, she felt somehow during the weather changing. But once she set up the curb system, she felt normal and excited at the same time.

All the gas supplies we used are ordered online. It doesn’t take us far or consume our time and energy. The company came specially to install them which makes us tired free.

The awaiting day came over. We waited for the company service staff to arrive for the installation. Later after some moment, someone arrived and hit us notification at our doorstep. I quickly went to see who is and as expected, it wasn’t the actual person. We move in together with the person. It was a supervisor that arrived first. He supervised the particular area location.

crystal fireplace

The supervisor confirmed to us that the ventless logs should not be used in this kind (bedroom) rather vent logs.

That sound sold bold to my dear wife. She has never expected to hear such from the supervisor over the crystal fireplace. She was looking forward to hearing the way forward over the said of the supervisor on venting. She was damn bored to hear about that. She was remembering the moment when the person suggested the order of the ventless logs. She wants ventless logs but unfortunately, that should not be done as said by the supervisor.

If there is maybe something that can be done to make it possible, my dear wife can do so, sadly nothing can be done rather follow the advice and comment of the supervisor. But to my finding, as I stated earlier up there, it is because of health issues. You knew that 90% of the people that want to install it would leave it and sleep overnight which is not advisable over health.

The supervisor felt sorry for us. His face suddenly reacts on seeing how my wife wants the ventless log. He was bordered too which make him apologize. We have paid for it since during the order process and along the way, he refund our money before he left together with the ventless log he brought. She suggested making it ourselves and that surprise me how serious she is.

Dear provided it and surprisingly she did it well. The fireplace looks good even though was her first time doing so. If you don’t know or you weren’t told about it, you did think it is pivoted already. Normally, I use to think the “pivoting to the chimney is the best way out or to even say that’s the only way.

crystal fireplace

Along the process, I realize that she didn’t do that and was not even her plan to do so. She instead Pivoted from the logs of the gas to crystal. Huh!

A very surprise to you right? Not only actually, but I was also like how did she work the fireplace to a crystal? She began to explain in detail;

Based on what she has never done or seen someone doing it. She decided to firstly search for fireplaces made of candles. She searched it through Google search engine. The process was to think and come up with the idea of having even small candles. But it wasn’t as we expect to see. Different other forms come up which are mostly crystal as seen.

Suddenly, she remembered that she had a selenite crystal in stick form. She check and brought them out as you can see below. That inspires more to just set up and crystal fireplace.

She started looking for more adorable crystal logs form. She visit an ordering (Pottery Barn) site to get some and at that time, there was 50% off. On the site, the crystal logs are labeled to use for table centerpieces, and lovely, it sizes exactly the fireplace log. I was like what is this? What am I seeing? She confirmed to me that it is a crystal…

She said with fact reason of why she did that;

– We decided to get a few due to the expected price, but it was not like that. We can get more for less price. It is so much cheap than the gas logs. We bought the crystals from our refunded money for the before-ordered gas logs. Only half of the amount gets us all the crystals we bought. If the gas logs were approved by the supervisor, we would have spent more than the whole refunded amount. The installation and utility bills would have been added up to the amount.

– The decision of doing that will seem like a beachy crystalline spin on those birch logs which some people often stack in an unused fireplace.

– And her final say is that they are crystal.

These are the key points according to her for making the decision. I agree upon my dear on fireplace. So as you can see below;

crystal fireplace

So amazing. The fire-place by dear wife makes my day. The result of the crystal fireplace is quite a loving one. She indeed deserves my courage and attention to over greet her for such wide deepest thinking on fireplace. To me making up the fireplace story on written, am also excited.

Watching real how it is burning will give you a full eye explanatory and will also make you understand well. In visual view, you will be able to see how it will flicker on the burning process. That’s doesn’t serve as a substitute for seeing an active fireplace.

Considering how the supervisor checks and feedbacks us, we feel somehow excited about what we arrived at for the fire-place. The candles are lit apart from the fact that they will light and glow the room for some long time of use.

As you can see the fire-place, shows well from a bit distance shot. The beautiful part is when they are matched in the evening time. At some point, they seem glimmer to person just like they do flicker the evening time. We use some sort of burning beeswax tealights. You can get yours here too!


As we said before that the fireplace action video of ours would be available. Here is it as you can vividly see. The fireplaces have filled the candles we ordered down already. That’s the first thing we do before attempting any other further thing. I expect you to do so too while attempting to set up the fireplaces.

crystal fireplace

The firebox was firstly painted before adding anything inside. This makes our fire-place work convenient and easy. Sometimes if you add something inside the firebox instead of the painting, you might not feel so comfortable painting the insider of the firebox. This should be among your important notice so that you won’t forget.

We tried to scrub the particles of the amorphous carbon around the log and I know that would make it look good if the light background is attached, but it was not successful. The paint we use was a warm light one and it is a combination of Almondine coats.

Since the time we started the fire-place, each time we tried to apply paint on any part, we wait for nothing less than 30 minutes to dry well. Though that might not be enough time for it to dry moderately. I can suggest if one is not too fast about the room usage (may be possible you are on holiday, have more available rooms that can be used till it is done or can patiently wait throughout the time) you can be working and giving it satisfied time to dry well.

The trim of the fire-place outsider part is what pops in my mind next and I think that should be done too. I reviewed the trim and I couldn’t find anything that should be changed or repaired rather I think we should repaint it to make it looks good too. We move forward on painting it, so I use the remaining one we used in the first place.

And that’s all. We are so much glad about the fireplaces we work on. It does not just work. It takes me and my dear wife a very couple of times working on the crystal fireplace. One thing I could always think and remember about the work and the throughout progress was the part where the supervisor confirmed to us about the ventless log.

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The supervisor doesn’t look upon our order achievement and profit, rather he looks forward to telling us the safety outcome and guide. He instruct us not to do the ventless log which was the one we ordered. Homecareabout would always make sure it detailed about its works, progress, outcome and any maybe needed information.

What can you say or what’s your view on our recently concluded work on fire-place (firebox)? Could you do that from the first to the end without fear or doubt of working?

crystal fireplace

One thing also I want to advise you all on is that, if the supervisor that came to your house to check the fire-place details to know what you should do and not, make you listen and concentrate to his outcome feedback. That is serious and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Your life and living rooms safety over firebox is the most considerable thing first before any other life enjoyment alternative. So let be all warned and be strictly read to listen and consider what the supervisor says, it might be far different from your view, choice, and complete plan. Don’t forget to drop your view as asked by Homecareabout.

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