The Process: How We Created Fire Pit In A Chosen Convenient Place

The enjoyment of chairs around the fire pit hangout is nothing to fully describe in words, it is more than we can write here. Most of the time during evening, we do sit and enjoy ourselves together with family and have fun in the hangout spot. That experience is unforgettable as it last and looks fresh to date.

Some areas part of the home surrounding are used to build a hangout spot surrounded by chairs. That can be mostly found in various houses that have enough and extra space inside the surrounding without or not many properties contained in it. Likewise, we did the same in our house.

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chairs around fire pit

We choose a very non-disturbing (i.e a place that is far/distance from our flat) that can be considered as convenient for you and prepare to make that possibly.

That place seems a rare enjoyable place for us. It takes us maybe 5-6 days intervals to go to fire pit hangout spots here, which is at least once in a week or more than depending on how less busy I and my dear wife are.

Sometimes if we are all at home during the weekend, seasonal or festival holiday, we spent a lot of time at the spot. We have fun, chair meetings, and even read books like novels or magazines. It becomes a repeatable experience and even starts turning like a tradition to us.

chairs around fire pit

When we work and settle up our hangout spot, we didn’t think of fencing or something like surrounded to cage it. Once we got our chairs and fire pit available on down, we didn’t wait to fence it and start using it like that since it is not harmful or that bad.

We are quite eager to hang out and catch some experience. So we just move on and choose a particularly convenient place as I mentioned earlier. We settle everything and began to use it.

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After a couple of times of using the fire pit spot, we started thinking of fencing it so as to make it looks good and even something more private and secure for some to comfortably stay in. But before the story of that, let me quickly share some experiences of ours during our times in the fire pit spot.

In most cases, we do buy novels or even magazines that we use to reading our times there. That becomes our often act. Then we do get some sort of chocolates or small snacks like peanuts which we do often eat during the times.

chairs around fire pit

Chocolate seems more sweat to take during the time than others things. We do chat, talk about issues, and sometimes have funs. While our children mostly revise their books or read novels too (most especially in the evening).

We move to the process of fencing the fire pit hangout spot and we did well as you can see below; it looks amazing as everything is completely settled, remaining the painting.

My dear wife suggested that we should get some sort of quality warm-looking coat as recommended by the site we ordered from. We proceed with the painting after we received all the supplies. We prepaid the paint and paint the fence. It took us some couple of time on that very day despite the fact all of us join hands together to make it possible.

Enjoyment is good and it shall last beast. To make ourselves convenient more concerning the fire pit spot, we decided it ease its way from our bedroom to the exact insider the fence of it.

chairs around fire pit

Though it may look somehow if we portrayed and reviewed the moral of our children, it wouldn’t be good for them to be going around from my personal (me and wife) room to hangout spot most especially during the evening time that me and my wife hangout for adult only. But one thing I suggest is that during the day, we can lock the bedroom door to the fire pit hangout spot.

It can be classified for only us as adults excluding the children. Or we can live it opened generally for all. But during the evening if after the children have eaten and off to bed, we can then go to the fire spot for adult hangout and that would be so much morally better for me and the family future. After all the review from angles, we make a move and have the bedroom door to spot done.

That makes the fire spot nice. The fencing of the hangout area is good actually. It makes it looks moderate and private for the family. I can remember how it is before it is fenced compared to now. We added some bulbs around the fence which light it up during the evening nighttime. The bulbs serve as a security to the spot.

chairs around fire pit

Sometimes during the evening, you might not be aware of maybe something had hidden around in the spot. When you just get into the pit spot, it would be easy for you to quickly see it and that is one reason among the mandate why you should install the bulbs. You can choose any other different color of the bulb, but the fluorescent kind is the best for one use.

While about the fire pit and chairs we use, we (homecareabout) recommend you to get any of your choices from here. During the time we want to order them, we deeply check and review the best affordable and long-lasting fire pit and also the chair.

If you check it well, you will recognize that the fire pit is a rounding. Almost all the kinds of fire pits I have come across are like that in shape. That doesn’t mean there is no other type.

At a point when we received the fire pit and also chose where we will make the hangout spot, we locate the middle and keep it exactly. We notice that there is a problem keeping the fire pit down direct without something on the in-between ground, it can start damaging over time due to rainfall water. So we construct a concrete at the middle where we want to keep the pit and it looks better than keeping it down the ground.

I could remember even on the instruction it came along with, they recommend that it should not be kept down or on wood. That’s so much important to take note of and make sure you are following the instruction to avoid early spoilage.

chairs around fire pit

The chairs, the backbone of setting up a fire pit hangout stop. Without it, you can never make it comfortable of use unless if you will stand throughout the time you are well spent in the hangout which is not possible for you to do so, in fact, you can never do that unless if you are ready to take yourself to hospital, lol.

The chair we opt for was a non-faxable one and we make sure no-rot too. They are constructed using a plastic blend (recycled materials).

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We went deep into and take our time to review the chair well before proceeding for order. It is a comfortable and lasting chair. It doesn’t consume your space much. It is an interesting one which sometimes felt not to stand up from. It takes a couple of times to stand up if we are seated on it. In some cases, the fire dies and we would still be there sitting and maybe chatting between.

The idea of making a door through your bedroom to the hangout spot is great and can maximize the process of walking out from your flat to the location.

The length won’t belong; you will just open your door and walk into the spot without you walking for a long time. That sometimes helps you and encourages you to come out of the house to have some fresh air or even vitamin d in the morning time.

chairs around fire pit

In short research we made by homecareabout about the usage of a fire pit, we got to know that using it frequently is not solely good due to the burning of the wood. Like we stated earlier that we use it like once or twice a week is good and bad or harmful to one health.

If you want, you may not even be on the fire or off it after some moment of the burning process so that you can reduce and curb its usage time.

As we came to fire hangout spot discussion, what’s your view on the discussed processes involved? Can you, without fair work on yours too? Drop your comments.

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