Our Non-dime and Amazing Hall Bathroom Makeover

Despite the short time we had throughout the period when the bathroom projects pop, that seems impossible and unbelievable for us. It happens while we watch and witnessed it with our very eyes.

We won’t relent over the bathroom’s action as they are still going and on our board which will serve as a chance for us to look over it seriously.

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We have never thought of making it to this particular point, most especially our boarded bathroom we started months or close to a year. Homecareabout will soon bring it on paper in some soon without long time delay.

hall bathroom

In a due time of nothing more than a week, we were able to achieve more on the ongoing project. We were able to makeover the upstairs hall bathroom (that hasn’t been torched for over years) to a completely latest and updated one.

It has been over years with a very olden days paint of beige and has started even fading that can be publicly seen which means it needs quick intervention.

The process was completed without the use of any dust/reno used. We didn’t border ourselves with using other new tiles since there are tons of them down already. Using another one will just seem like something else and it does worth it for us to keep the one we had without using them again.

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We just reused the ones we had before for floor tiles. We prefer the ones we had already to the ones we brought before and instead, we return back the tiles and used the ones available. Tiling of the floor, most especially for bathroom has become like a professional work for us and that is why it becomes so easy for us to do.

The bathroom becomes like a new just constructed one. Its combo consists of the addition of some new things that include new cabinet doors, drawers, a new set of mirrors, little accessories, and even the wall makeover which make it looks so updated. The old stuff that must have been eye the new ones, lol.

It is an interesting and loving moment concerning the bathroom. The beige tiles’ color matched the bathroom style which seems the best type for the project. That’s one of the advantages we gained of using the old tiles in the room, although we don’t know it will end up like this.

hall bathroom

Hu, it will be so interesting to recall on writing how the house was some years back when we completely obtained it:

During the time we obtained the house (about half-decade ago), what we first did was we makeover the room without any even second thinking.

That’s the best thing for us to at the time because the house walls look so rough and not attractive to us. We didn’t border ourselves on the seashell shape sinks. We found around four and nothing remains now. We couldn’t even remember how they had all gone.

As you can see, that is how the hall bathroom went. It cost us not much (very cheap) and was so quick. The bathroom was full of wonders and lit it up. The fewer cost mirrors we hung in the room.

We framed them with wood and screwed them into the wall. We added more things into the room and that makes it look so much good.

If you have something around $90 and you truly wanted to update and make our bathroom great more than how it looks like before, this process we followed and the supplies (accessories) we bought and used can help you a lot to know what and what you should also get.

If not because we widely think of treating the bathroom wall, we would have sold it like that without even bordering. And the entire have been updated too, it would look so irritating to sell it like that without doing the makeover and we knew that we could be able to finish quickly in time and maybe even work on some other part of the house again to make look great for reselling.

The amount of the house for selling now will be much greater than how it will be price before when we didn’t makeover some part of the house and that’s a huge loss (though might not be a direct loss, because we will still earn but not as much as we will now).

And now, let go deep into how it goes, change, and even the fast fact behind the project which may be of help to all the readers. If possible, Homecareabout will include the budget though it might vary base on location and even the stores.


Though I forget to tell you up there that we met some seashell-shaped sinks which are up to five in number and they have gone already on the process. There are also crystal knob faucets we met to which aren’t longer available.

hall bathroom

We went to our local store of stone-yard (the one we usually go always if we want to buy something related) one week close to the time in which the bathroom’s project plays to take on, where we look forward to checking on their remnant pieces of “Capitol Granite” since that’s what we want and prefer to use.

Already before we went there, we have measured and take down the length and width of counters we met in the house after we bought it. The counters don’t change more to something different as we met them. We measured it so that we should buy a remnant that is big enough that the width and length.

One good and the worthy thing I admire about the local store is that they don’t have price barer base on the remnant pieces type or classification rather for only the foot size.

You can decide to choose any type like Corian, quartz, marble, and granite and still pay the same amount of money for each you choose, deepening only on the foot number of the measurement you want. That is something one can recommend and remark one.

In a case whereby most local stores differentiate their price based on the remnant type which is not a good marketing idea. We use polished quartz in most of the projects we have done so far. It is durable and we prefer it over other remnant types.

Because we want to resale the house, the marble quartz is the best thing because it is capable of sustaining bathing and other elements we use in a bathroom like toothpaste, soap and that is why I regard it as the best one we can go for.

Then we move to talk about sinks shape on whether to do a square or round one. We solely think over it and the one that is good for us. And at last, we chose the square type and gave the order to the stone-yard store to handle it (they install it including with the counter).

The stone-yard work seems different from others and also the timeline also depends. We confirmed that the process might exceed a week before we can be able to take our remnant piece.

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The stone-yard will come (themselves) after then to experiment and measure to know how the piece should be cut into and the sizes. They came along with some special equipment for the measurement. That makes it almost a week for the measurement and the installment process.

When they arrive, the templating and measurement were done in a very short time. It doesn’t affect us as some of our orders arrive in a bit slow time as expected which come through exactly the same week.

That is how the week went through even though we don’t know or we aren’t of how the stone-yards really operate when it comes to sink and remnant piece installment.

hall bathroom

The sinks process all went perfectly as you can see. The faucet we should was a widespread one and it is the type we mostly use in a different project we have been into since so far. That makes it like a favorite faucet to us.

One of the reasons we always prefer the faucet type is that is easy to clean (when it comes to how some are which takes time for one to clean, most especially if a stainable thing is poured on them).


We found out that it happens because it doesn’t possess clumped closer components or even a backplate that normally stores substance from poured on the faucet.

We bought the faucets for around $130 which is affordable for you and me. While for the complete elevate sink hardware that works along the quartz is $270 (it makes it completely good to go with).


As the process is gradually going smooth, I found a local carpenter guy whose name is Billy. He is a talented carpenter who creates some good-looking doors and drawers for us. The doors and drawers were added to the cabinet frames that we found in the house.

If you could remember some days ago, the same guy redid some of our friend’s kitchens (of different specifications) that are up to three in number. He is a talented guy as I acclaimed up there before and can be also called a MASTER.

In case if you are based close to Richmond, Area of Virginia and you are interested in his work, here is his address; Harper & Taylor Custom Woodworks, LLC (804-466-7014).

Billy really plays a vital role during our house makeover treatment work. He makes the timeline of the room possibly without glitch or issue. We hired him a month from when we started the bathroom work.

He measured all the drawers and doors we told him which enable him to start building them. Already, we had the bathroom on our mind as the next of our board.

hall bathroom

Hiring the carpenter to start working is the best and smart decision we could make on the housework progress. It will truly help us to achieve the timeline of the makeover. And the next thing is to get the working background. I am sure the new doors without getting a new frame style will seem somehow to you, but trust me it is good if done perfectly.

The carpenter works it out. He constructed the new quality drawer that contain up to six boxes, soft open, and closed doors, and even slide and hidden hinges. It is made up of wood and some other additional supplies. It looks like million constructed furniture even though it doesn’t cost much.

Last month, Billy came to the house to measure the said drawers and doors which are up to 13 as we plan to. The drawers and doors are the ones we needed. We discussed the payment and all that it would cost for him to be able to complete did the work which is $800.

That is good and cheap for us seeing how long and what it might take him to do the work. We realized that if we want to buy another set of new ones of the selected drawers and doors, we could spend three times of the said amount of the carpenter work, most especially how considering stuff product prices have increased (some increased x50, x100 and even x200). We didn’t think even twice to accept and agree with the amount.

We would be the ones to remove the old ones, clean and smooth the scratches behind the frames, and then choose any paint of our choice to use in painting them. The painting will also require a form roller (small size) which is the best to use for painting the furniture since it is flat.

That make us contact Billy via email to inform him about the final color we chose (so that he will spray the doors and drawers using the same type we chose to make our work goes match and perfect).

If you aren’t told, it will be hard to find that the frames are not new just the door because we sanded well and make it looks like a new beautiful one. Seeing how beautiful the drawer’s boxes make us very happy. The woods are very solid ones and the joints are well dovetailed.

The drawer’s boxes are so soft close which is a GREAT thing because of the kids (that would be helpful so that they can’t get them slammed since it is soft). Billy’s work makes us so much happy, infact, I was even thinking of inviting him during holiday time so that he can rework our kitchen again. It is amazing.

Since the last month we hire him, Billy has not talked again before. He then called us exactly during the time that we went out to take our quartz at the stone-yard. The carpenter called us to ask which color we chose for him to be able to start spraying them.

We told him the one we have chosen which after a week called to inform us when he would come to install it. He said he could do so in possibly just a day after our counters are finished settled up.

hall bathroom

About the color of the cabinet door and the drawers, you can decide to choose any of your choices. All we can recommend here is that your paint color should be a quality, soft, and light warm cool one (if possibly oily) that can hold the furniture well. It should at least match with one of the other things in the room.


In this stage, our longtime plan for the bathroom wasn’t what we finally go for. We instead changed our plan after we realized that we would sell the house at last. We planned for a backsplash on the wall, we think that’s lovely and would make it looks light, but we didn’t go for that because we want a very fast makeover. We are eager to make everything possibly fine to put the house on market.


The backsplash wall treatment would make the room so clean and crisp if we haven’t changed our mind. We got interlocking shiplap planks at $80 to use. Before we do cut our won to use, but we didn’t this time around because the complete wall is not even up to $100 as you can the amount before.

Sometimes, you might come across an obstacle during the process (either outlets or lighting boxes). All you have to do is to measure and indicate the obstacles you see on the shiplap board, and then use a saw (jigsaw) preferable to eliminate them by cutting.

For the planking of each to the wall, you can simply use a nail gun to do it. You should be careful of where to nail to; it should be at the studs and make sure you nail all the interlocking boards well.

Use of any type of spackle substance for caulking the vertical line, ceiling crack, and then the bottom line of the sink meeting point. Don’t leave every spot or line without caulking it.

One of the most advantages of using the exact shiplap product is that you don’t have to be caulk or any other thing to it. It is the perfect thing for the job. You don’t need to border yourself about the caulking material. It will make your work fast, easy and professional.

After all, I suggested that the whole room suppose to be repainted. The room needs a new warm white to make it look beautiful. We reused the same material we usually use for project works and it helps us to maximize some sort of money.

There are some good-looking arts designed on the wall toilet wall. We find them since the first day we get into the house. They are different lovely designs that include ocean and rocks and I think they are designed from a magazine (Real Simple I think!).

hall bathroom

The show/tub handle is supposed to be changed. It is working well and we use it sometimes, but the reason I suggested changing is that it is an old one and the fact we want to sell the house, we would do anything possible to make the house looks updated.


Our budget may like differ from your own experiences or budget and that happens due to store or location differences. It is nothing to border on. Just make sure you verified before ordering.

Below are the breakdown list budget of the supplies;

– 8′ Quartz Counter with 2 Sinks: $1120 (including install)

– New Cabinet Fronts/Drawers: $750 (including install)

– Cabinet Paint: $22 (Contented by Sherwin Williams)

– Cabinet Hardware: $42

– New Faucets: $280

– New Tub & Shower Handle: $79

– Shiplap: $90

– Wall Paint & Shiplap Paint: $42

– Mirror (already owned one): $52

TOTAL: $2,477

Like I said earlier, it might vary so don’t border about the cost. Just make sure you get the affordable quality ones.

Here we comes to an end of the hall bathroom design discussion, what can you say over this? Can you be incharge for your own too? Drop your comment below.

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