Our Laundry Room: How Our Renovation Process Went

It is a joyful moment that one would experience when he is blessed with a newborn baby which would enforce you to be like an active laundry, lol. Our laundry housing system may not be described as a fail nor a good one because it needs to work on. We then decided to work on it for a better experience.

Since the starting point, we have noticed some little progress in the process. We proceed to have some paint on our blue trim and the bi-old doors become a story. We changed the entire floor and replaced it with a new one.

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laundry room doors

We painted the corridors between the rooms. We also buy some new appliances which were not among our basic agenda of the project.

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We move the bi-folds white to the equipment saving room (storage room) which before I want to paint it. I was so bothered about it and at last, we didn’t use it.

Some days ago, we always talk about to re-hang them and at end of the day don’t do anything about it. That happened almost five times and still, we don’t do anything about it. It has been left open without any issue.

We have gone through some course updates for bathroom and kitchens improvement and have decided on planning and saving to do such. It is just priced for us to completely renovate with aid of getting functional and layout materials.

laundry room doors

Our small laundry doesn’t suppose to be more expensive rather than affordable and we have even gotten some new appliances over the days ago. If we can attempt all, then that is quite fine and we are ready for it.

Getting up to 100% place of sell is most times not easy as we always expected. We have reviewed and discussed every angle to get a fair amount of money (cost) because the project is a priority and would like it to be our next project to kick off in some days coming.

This kind of situation always makes me think that the most important part of DIY and what everybody should consider first is thinking thoroughly about the project you want or planning to start.

That doesn’t mean you would be thinking and always thinking, spent your whole time or days thinking and at last end up doing nothing. Your thinking and duration should not be a long and time-wasting one; sit, relax and think for some little time (precisely hours within a day) and finally choose what you want to do. Don’t rush and don’t be wasting time too.

laundry room doors

We spent the weekend like a holiday one and visited our neighbors and near friends. It was a lovely experience time.

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However, there are some sorts of things to consider, though it is my opinion. Below are they;

– Experience

The experience of your previous house or the ones you have been to before (and use or went to their laundry department) can be used to determine and arrange your current house laundry project. It is just like an inspiration. That’s what we firstly think of our experience in the laundry makeover we did in our previous house.

laundry room doors

“We move many things from the center of the laundry to the side edge and that creates more space. Most things are kept in the center before. We added a tile backsplash because we think that it will really be useful most especially during washing time.

Water or any other liquid substance might spill or pop from its container and it is likely to stay on the wall (but with the help of a backsplash, it would protect the wall that liquid substance from staining on it).

There is a bulb inside the room that lights up everywhere inside the room, but our concern here is that the bulb does not add to the exact side where the machine is.

laundry room doors

There is much need for bulb light, so we decide to add another quality bulb at the exact place/side of the machine so (the bulb should be facing down of the side so that it would be facing directly the machine). The bulb light issue is the most concern. It is needed so much so that whoever is inside the laundry room washing, he/she would be able to clearly wash whatever.

At the other side of where the machine(s) is located, we added an upper floating shelf together with a cabinet which is used to keep some non-heavy appliance, detergent, or any other things that are light-weight and can be kept inside without any issue.

On another side, we added a cabinet with some number of drawers. That seems like a great storage place where we save different things inside. We don’t even know that it would go this long way before we added the drawers cabinet.

While along your way to inside the place, there is a small convicted place which we added a door in the middle of entering in. I am sure some people would feel that it is not useful or want to know the essence of doing.

laundry room doors

Well, there are reasons for doing that which are closing the door when it is noisy from inside the room (like the washer/dryer sound when working) to the outside surface so that won’t disturb others outside of the room and also from outside to inside the room (which there are situation whereby noise sound from outside might be disturbing the person inside the laundry room while washing or maybe doing something else.

There are times which you might be feeling extreme cold during the winter season and it might even make you feel not to wash anything at the moment.

So at this point, you can just close the door so that it would block the cold coming directly from outside the laundry place. Once you do that, am sure the cold feeling will desperately reduce if it didn’t stop completely.

Even not because of those reasons, the door might still be needed in a situation whereby you are doing something secret or private in the laundry which you don’t want someone in the house or from somewhere to see it, you will just close the door and that is it. You are safe. In some houses, the laundry room has a door already and that means no need of optional adding of another door”.

laundry room doors

The idea of joining the laundry with our storage room popup and that will need another door making two in one room. Currently, you will need to enter the door we added, but if the door is added particularly in the hallway, it would be great for one to enter the room through other rooms. Thought might be seen weird to some right?

– Work on progress

At this stage, we have already gone far about the laundry makeover. We put many things into reality and I expect you too can do it.

The major thing we have done can be categorized as lighting, wall makeover, and cabinetry (floating shelves). We might consider using a bi-fold door in the future. The laundry future renovation depends on how we see it again.

The tiling aspect requires much attention. The wall should be tile/ backsplash. It is highly recommendable, even though the wall is not and won’t be a wet area. There is no sink or anything related in the room. The inspiration is much when we such type of rooms with tiles sometimes ago. We debate a couple of times with dear wife over tile-shopping.

laundry room doors

If you do not have an available fund, you can live the wall just like that without reworking it. It is not under a must. The other category like lighting and floating shelves – the cabinet is more important and worthy than the wall self.

Especially the lighting part, you must (yes under must and compulsory) consider it. Use a quality and powerful bulb that would last for a couple of times before it stops and also the one that has the capability of lighting everywhere.

Can you even use an air-conditioner in the laundry room? I personally think of that and what I 70% agree in my mind is that it is really needed and what could it be used for in the laundry room, while you are not sitting or doing something their rather than on action (washing)? That was what I think of and people might not even welcome my wired idea.

laundry room doors

Besides, I have never seen it before and I have been in many houses that have laundry places. We have different seasons that include winter and summer, so I arrive that you can use any of AC status (either warm or cooling point) to suit the current weather of the season. That is what I think it could be used for in the laundry system.

While the alternatives like “if we could hang wallpapers or even painting of stencil, we found out that the tile is more price and I am sure it would be easy for us do it. We check, review some, and below are our comments on each;

1. The first one is a mini-style in marble look. It is classic, but unfortunately, we don’t want that.

2. The second one is a small-scale hex tile, but the color is not so attractive and it is too deep.

And that’s all it went. It is just not like a makeover, it is full of experience and thoughts. What can you say over this? Did you think an air conditioner can be installed and used in a laundry place? Drop your comment below.

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