Is It Good To Use Pea Gravel For Sandbox (Safety Detials)

Constructing a sandbox for kids is a great and welcome idea that most people don’t even think of. The processes involved are bit long which one has to make research on before starting to build the sandbox.

One should try as much as possible to know how to, type of sand and other needed things about it. 

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This will discuss not only about sand(box) but on pea gravel too so as to know whether it can serve as an alternative replacement. Lots of questions can be considered over sand(box) and pea gravel.

Pea Gravel can serve as an alternative replacement over sand because it is smooth, doesn’t have much dust, and can be cleaned quickly without much wasting of time.

It is also good and moderate for children to play with, it does attract animals much (which can distract children) although it can block children throat if mistakenly swallowed.

sandbox alternative

In this writeup, we will detail and explain why using pea gravel for sandboxes is a good option and not to some people too.

Advantages of using Pea Gravel in a Sandbox

This is a bit wide topic to discuss on. We can not just by the mere look and examine pea gravel to conclude its advantages or disadvantages side.

We have to, by every step compare sand and pea grave to fish out the points.

Pea Gravel is Faster and Easier to Cleanup Than Sand

The substance particle size is the first thing one should consider. Pea gravel is bigger than sand which automatically shows that the pea gravel can be easily handled and cleaned without much wasting of time.

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The safety of kids is the first thing to be considered of and that’s one of the advantages of using pea gravel since it doesn’t contain much dust.

Both pea gravel and sand can be washed if necessary, but pea gravel would dry faster than sand.

Pea Gravel Doesn’t Contain Much Dust Unlike Sand Do

By just looking, the sand is more complex dusted than pea gravel. This kind of dust is an issue on human being health, not even the kids. 

Without your notice, the dust would start floating in the air and would enter kids’ noses or throats through the mouth. Most especially, kids that play without care. Those kind of kids always open their mouth just like that or even speak roughly.

Some sands are even worse than others due to their substance particle differences. If kids breathe it much, it can cause lung problem such as tremolite and crystalline silica. That’s why it is better to use pea gravel.

Pea Gravel can’t be used by Animals unlike Sand (attraction)

Pea gravel doesn’t attract animals, while sand does. Animals like mammals in our various communities are always interested in using sand to either rest/sleep on or even bath with it.

Pea gravel can’t be enjoyed by animals due to its particle nature size. But that doesn’t mean a parent should leave their sandbox openly without securing it.

The parent needs to secure it when not used and keep it in a safe place.

Is pea gravel sandbox safe for children

Pea Gravel is less cost than Sand

Currently, pea gravel is less cost than sand which makes it easy and preferable for most parents to get.

This happens most especially if you are looking for pure and healthy sand which is cost than all others.

According to some sources, you can get natural, washed, low-dust pea gravel for between $4 and $8 per 50 pounds, and the sand cost is almost 4x the price of pea gravel.

Pea Gravel doesn’t float in air to somewhere else

Pea gravel particle’s natural size is different from that of sand. It doesn’t move in the air which may harm a human being.

While the sand move in the air and human being near it may breathe it in which can cause a problem of lung or something related.

Sand can stay behind one cloth or shoe, pear grave doesn’t do that. Sometimes, you might need to clear off some pea gravel outside the sandbox container which you simply pack it using a broom and packer since it is big enough.

Disadvantages of using Pea Gravel in a Sandbox

While we discuss on its advantages, it’s much important to look into the disadvantages too to make it clear and understood.

Take your time too and cool your nerves to read the disadvantages too and understand them well before deciding on what to do next.

Children Throat Hazard

Despite its admirable advantages, pea gravel has some bad disadvantages which can easily change one mind.

Pea gravel is a little big particle in size that can be swallowed by children, unlike sand that children hardly ingest it.

Pea gravel can cause a very dangerous problem to children’s throats if they mistakenly swallow it, most especially a small kid that is less than three (3) or so.

It is advisable for a parent to keep it away from small kids that are beyond the mentioned age. Because most children above the age will hardly swallow it. And if you are sure or thinking that they would do that, it is better to stay off of pea gravel kind of sandbox and use sand for them precisely.

Can’t be transformed by kids unlike Sand

Children most times need something they play with, transform it into another firm or shape which pea grave can’t be used to since it is sandcastles.

Though pea gravel can be used too but not like smooth like the sand. Sand can be used to shape different things inside the coffin.

Pea Gravel (sandbox) and nearby Yards

In some cases, sandboxes are built in the middle of the yard which sand is recommendable to be used because pea gravel can’t suitable match the floor.

That’s why one should consider building a sandbox somewhere near or far away from the yard. It can be done too under three for fresh air ventilation. 

washed sterilized dust-free pea gravel

What’s the amount of Pea Gravel to build a Sandbox?

The amount of pea gravel needed to build a moderate sandbox depend on base on the size of the coffin prepared and also the floor available.

The amount can be determined by measuring the wanted feet size. After then, you will calculate the data using the below formula;

Length (ft) * Width (ft) * Depth (ft)

Let’s quickly sight an example here so that you will understand better.

If your sandbox measure goes like this, 5 feet long, 3 feet wide, and may you are intending to use 7 inches of pea gravel in it.

5*3*0.5 = 7.5 Cubit feet

As you can see above, after you finished measuring the sandbox and you find out the data as I wrote maybe. You will talk to the person you are ordering the pea gravel from that you need 7.5 cubic feet.

While maybe you aren’t opportune to order online rather from a street store, they are used to the selling of 1/2 cubic foot bags. It is almost 3-4 dollars each.

This means you will need 2x of your calculated cubit feet i.e 2*7.5 = 15 bags

How is Pea Gravel’s price? (local store or online)

Pea gravel is not much cost which parents can easily grab without thinking twice.

From street local stores I have been to before, pea gravel is between 3-4 dollars per each 1/2 cubic foot bag if it. Although it may have been more than that because there is an increase of almost all stuff across the world.

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Some parents prefer to go to direct suppliers of pea gravel to get it. But the problem is that some dealers might decide to only sell ton which is cost compare to 1/2 bag. The tons are estimated to be around $25 per each.

The ton might be much for a parent to build a small sandbox at home. That should not be something to worry about, it can be used in other housing projects and it doesn’t expire which can be saved for future times.

The secret way to get the right Pea Gravel

Some parents are mostly confused while getting down pea gravel for sandbox building. There are different kinds of pea gravel which some are aren’t recommended to be used for children’s sandbox safety.

There is pea gravel that is extent sharpened and can injure children while playing with it. Rounded shape pea gravel is the best and recommendable one for the safety of children who often play with it. Also, make sure that pea gravel is free from dust.

Cleaning Pea Gravel in Sandbox for safety

While using pea gravel, we must adopt the fact to be cleaning our pea gravel from time to time even once in a while.

Get a bucket that has some holes in its bottom. This may be hard to get, but you can turn one to that for pea gravel purposes. Pack all the sandbox pea gravel into the box.

If it fulls the bucket, reduces it to half of the bucket size so that you can able to stir the pea gravel. Get something like a shovel or any means of stick that can be used to stir the pea gravel.

Then start pouring water into it and at the same time string it so that water would rinse every part of the pea gravel. This might be hard for one person, two can involve making the work easy.

Do it well till the water turns clean and no longer with any kind of dusty. This method remains the best and easiest way of cleaning pea gravel. Do the rest if there are others outside the bucket.

Once you are done, pour out all the pea gravel on the floor and live it for some moment to dry.

How to protect your Pea Gravel

Starting from building your sandbox, you must choose a safe place where there won’t be any problems in the future.

Build the sandbox with a very good coffin so that insects wouldn’t be attracting the pea gravel. Look for something fabric and put it under the sandbox as the bottom of it.

rock box instead of sandbox

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In Conclusion

Sandbox is one of the best places children play at home. Children of all ages play in a sandbox.

And for children’s safety, it is recommendable for a parent to use pea gravel for building sandboxes. This would even make looks dirty after paying since.

As dust is considered as an effect on health, and should not consider sandbox because children tend to play in it for hours which and they might breathe in it.

Also, rounded pea gravel should the one for you to used for building sandboxes and it is best for children’s safety.

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