How We Painted Our Wooden Porch Floor Deck (Sustainable Way)

The front porch makeover that takes us almost 2-3 days went successful. All the supplies we use throughout are bought from a local store. Today, we shall be looking forward to worthy simple tips and tutorials for people that want to make their old wood deck great again or even turn up a new super front porch for a better user experience.

Before we decide that the paint trigger should be pulled to the porch front, we later changed and chose to use some sort of stripes of cream and subtle tan can. That sounds like a great (for painting) move to us.

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We would like to reveal the steps and how it went, below are they;

– Your color(s) choice

Seeing how the color spelling is, you should be able to realize that there is adding of (s) at the end. It simply means color or colors which you can choose for the painting. Some people will want to use a single color and some combination of 2-3 different colors.

Wooden porch floor

When we get some colors of paint at home, we use little parts as swatches and put them on the porch floor so that we would deeply see the floor respond and know which will choose afterward.

That will help you to know which color will look good on the floor. Sometimes, you might think that a particular type of color will look good on the floor, but after painting it, you will then realize that it doesn’t match it.

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You should do that during the daylight so that the natural light will help you view the color very well. You know during the evening (night), you might not see the floor well after you put on the paint and even if you use torchlight.

The color might be a combination of different types including cream, tan, etc. That is also a very good way of choosing the best match for the floor. There are two kinds of way of paint finishing which are “flat and glossy paint” finishes. We chose the flat finishing type because it will be slicker concerning the wet. The wet condition should always be something you should not ignore. If you don’t forget or ignore this, the paint might weep once there is rainfall which will turn it like you didn’t paint it well or even unpainted.

– Hose and nozzle things down

You should ensure that deck is clean and looking good before moving forward with painting it. You can use wood cleaner for cleaning up the floor so that it won’t be painted with dirty or any form of dust particles that have stained on the floor already before.

Wooden porch floor

Most times, you will realize that there is oil/grease that has stained on the wood floor and that is not supposed to be painted on.

I can even realize that at any particular point that has dust or oil-stained on it, the paint doesn’t glue or stay on the floor intently well. If that happens, the paint will hardly last for a long time. Once there is rainfall that reached the floor, it might sweep away the paint because it doesn’t stay greatly well on top of the floor. Cleaning the floor is a must thing for you to do during the project (before the painting stage).

Once we got rid of the floor dirty, we move forward with the painting of each plank. We painted from the edge to the downside of each of the planks using a hose and nozzle. We “full sprayed them and that really help in covering all the parts. It covers every part of the planks and that is the essence of the full painting.

– House protection

While you are in the process of the wood porch spray, you must not forget to protect your house, particularly the wall part of the wooden floor. I guess most of you know how paint spraying works? It transfers from one place to another in air means. The surface near the particular thing you are painting would be affected by sprayed paint moving in the air. So, you have to protect that from happening because it will surely affect your properties and other things.

Wooden porch floor

There is a tape (which is as blue painter’s tape) that we use to tape the side of the wooden floor we wanted to spray. By doing this, you don’t worry about the side near the floor you are spraying.

After you finish the spraying and remove the tape paint, the side will look clean. When spraying the planks, you won’t border yourself about the sides anymore. It will make your work easier because you don’t have to waste your time cleaning the side after spraying.

Get a brush to paint the cracks between the wood and some other point that the sprayer doesn’t reach. The spraying process would not sustain every part rather use a brush and amend the part you realized. Do not use a roller because it would not get into every part.

– Painting point

In this stage, you should start your painting from a point where it would be easy to get out. This strategy will help you to avoid smashing or touching the non-dry paint that you just concluded.

Base on ours, we started our painting from the deck end part to the center part of where the stairs are. We have two paints of different colors.

Wooden porch floor

So we decided to open both so that we could use them at the same time. We bought two brushes and use them separately using to stripe each of the paints. We make sure that we didn’t join the brushes in the paint rather use it differently.

– Still on painting

The truth is that painting the planks is not that easy or fast. You just don’t have to worry yourself or hurry on the process; you must be patient at the spraying process. Get your iPod, connect with your phone and play a lovely nice song.

– Your way out

The wood floor makeover is gradually moving smoothly. Already we have sprayed some planks from the inside of the right side part moving back to the center – where the door is and the middle part of the deck (wooden porch).

Wooden porch floorIf we continue spraying the other planks moving to the other side – left, we might find it difficult to come out from the inside of the left side and we don’t want such to happen. Apart from the difficulty of coming out, we will smash and spoil the just painted planks if we attempted to walk back to the center (the middle where the door and stair is).

We stopped the painting for some moment thinking of the clear and strategic way out because we have already reached the middle. At last, we start spraying the planks from the opposite (left side) so that we will move to the middle center of the deck again just as we did the first right side.

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When I move to the center – front porch, then I start painting from the edge of the four planks in the middle moving down of the door of the deck. I didn’t complete the spraying of the planks and live some remaining part of the four planks.

– Edge – the ending

We were almost done with the painting of the wooden porch, but still, there are some other places for us to spray. I expect you to have gone far with the spraying aspect. In the last headline discussion, you could remember that I stopped at the center (way out of the deck) after spraying some of the remaining planks.

I sprayed them almost completely leaving some little space where I stay while spraying the inside (way out the direction of the door).

Wooden porch floor

Then step out – down to the stair and complete the spraying of the small space left on the planks. At thing point, make sure you painted the edges of the planks well. Get down of the stair too, spray any part and live non.

Here we come to the end of the wooden floor porch, what can you say over this? Can you paint yours too? Drop your comment below.

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