How To Build A Deck Gate (Best Way To)

The processes involved in learning how to build a deck are simple and complex at the same time. It requires your attention to learn and grab the process along with practice.

Learning and practice is the best way for one to become a successful learner. If you concentrate well, you can be able to build a deck gate without looking for any genuine contractor to build it for you.

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Some of the contractors are not graduate nor learn from school, but through this process of reading, practicing, and maybe guidance from the elite in the field. It starts from small gate builders to big ones that can handle a contract in the future.

Gate is a protector which covers our various buildings either house, school, hospital or even workplaces. It covers one privacy. It serves as a guard for the building. DIY deck gate helps to protect children or pets from going to unwanted places in a house.

Along the learning process, if one follows it carefully, he/she shall be able to arrive at success. Some people might find it hard to handle such work.

If so, you can simply buy ready-made deck gates from the recommended list below;

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Equipment Needed for Building a Deck Gate

In constructing or building whatever, you must need equipment that will be used to process that particular thing. Likewise, you need some tools and materials to build a deck gate.

Sliding deck gate

Firstly, you need to know the measurement of the place you are intending to build a deck gate at. Clear and accurate measurement is very important.

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This is to avoid a silly error while building it. The measurement will help you to know the quantity of the building material you need to build the deck gate.

Below are the tools and materials needed;

– Measuring tools like Luckyline

Table saw


Lumber – 2x4s for framing

– 2×2 Balusters

Wood Screws

Two Gate Hinges

One Gate Latch 

Four Metal Corner Braces 

These are the major tools and materials you need to start up the deck gate building. The quantity of some building material you need depends on base on the measurement and code (warrant) of the place you want to build the deck gate. You might need more than we estimated here.

Deck Gate Codes for Safety Precautions

Doing things in an orderly manner is the best way to do whatever you want. So also in building deck gate, following the procedures and precautions is the best way to go.

This will help you to achieve a successful DYI deck gate after building.

The following are the codes;

– The gate door opening side shouldn’t face stairs

– Give a distance between each baluster of like 4 inches or less

– 4 or fewer inches should be distanced between the ground floor of the gate deck.

– The height of the handrails and gates should be nothing less than 42°. The measurement should start from the deck part

– Rail supportive method must be done to the staircase for at least one side or more of it

– Self-latching devices can be located at nothing less than 3 inches below the top of the gate

– Try to make easy handrails and gates for griping. It can be done with a minimum diameter of 1 1/4 inches and a maximum diameter of 2 1/4 inches.

How to Build a Deck Gate

The process of building a successful deck gate is something one can achieve even without much idea about home.

how to build a deck gate with metal spindles

As we are moving gradually, we shall be discussing the following details of building the deck gate.

This will help one to know the pro and cons of measuring and other necessary things.

Gap Measurement of Your Deck Gate

You must be careful when measuring the gap of your gate deck so as to avoid a parallel error.

Start the measurement of every part from the edge, make sure your tape reached the edge and the end of the particular place you are measuring. This is very important because if you mistakenly measure the gaps, you might end up having a problem in the deck gate.

Measure the base of the stair. While measuring, don’t forget to subtract like 1-2 inches for the better installment of the tools. Then head to the deck gate height and don’t start from the floor directly. Leave 4 inches preferably before measuring the height as we started earlier.

Space Measurement of Your Deck Gate

Here, you should measure the length of the gate from the top opening side of the stairs. You will subtract like 1-2 inches from the measurement for adequate result when installing the tools.

Repeat this again as you did earlier “Then head to the deck gate height and don’t start from the floor directly. Live 4 inches preferably before measuring the height as we started earlier”. This will help you to take an accurate measurement.

Wood Specification-selection

In this area, you will choose an appropriate wood that would suit your demand based on the budget and color/design of the wood.

According to some sources, people prefer 2×2 balusters and 2×4ʼs. That should not border you or make your choice, you should do whatever you want. But make sure you didn’t choose low-quality wood balusters to avoid early spoilage.

Cutting the Wood for your Deck Gate

After choosing the wood of your choice and budget, now let’s discuss how you should cut the balusters wood. To cut the wood, you will use your saw.

How to build a deck gate

You will cut a pair of 2x4s of the height measurement you have written down. Then move to the frame, cut another pair of 2×4 of its length. You should not proceed to cut any pair first without measuring the wood with your measurement data of the gate space and gap. Arrange the frame which will automatically give you inner dimension. This will give you the length of the balusters to cut (2×2).

Frame Building together Balusters addition

For the frame building, you can use “Kreg Jig” engine to create some holes at its edge. If you don’t have that, you can use a hammer to punch two holes.

Join all the pairs of the frame part and screw them together to make a complete frame. The number of balusters depends on your choice, you can as many but make sure it has some distance of like 3-4 inches in between them.

Keep the frame flat on the floor on something that can contain it, assemble the balusters and use a screw to do it.

Wood Colour (Painting)

This doesn’t matter much, but is recommendable to make it looks beautiful. Apart from that, painting saves the dirty of hand when touching (opening/closing). Do the paint comfortably before putting the gate. Dry it for some time before attempting to install it in gate.

Corner Braces (Important)

Corner braces play a very vital role in deck gate building. It helps the deck gate frame maintain forces while opening, closing, and even at rest.

When you are done with the painting or if you didn’t, get a brace (metal) and attach it to each corner side of the frame, using a screw. The metal braces to be used might be much or cost, but that’s should not border you. It really supports the frame for long-lasting stability.

Using of Hinges and Locks

The hinging and latching mechanism must be done to make sure we have the frame in a balanced mood. The hinges method would be done on one side first.

The hinges should distance from one another to make the frame balance at its holding rest. One should be positioned from the top of the gate, the other one should download close.

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While the latch should be installed at that topmost opposite of the hinges side of the frame.

Gate Placement

The gate placement should be carefully placed. If we can recall back to our “Deck Gate Codes for Safety Precautions”, it is said that the gate should swing to the opposite side of the stairs. This means it should never swing toward the stairs.

double deck gate plans

Also, the codes said that your gate should be 4inch above the floor. You should measure from the floor up to 4inch and shouldn’t be more than, then you can place your gate ahead of the inch measured.

This time around, you will need the support of someone near to help you hold the gate after you set it to a proper position. Let him/her hold it well and screw the gate well.

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Following the proper and appropriate way of how to build a deck gate helps you to arrive at success. And that’s all. Try to swing it and see. You can also try out this video about the deck gate. Goodluck.

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