A Convenient Ikea Tip: Bookshelf Changing Table Process To Other

The process involves in changing the table of Bookshelf, Bookcase to any other (bookshelf changing table). Surprisingly, many doubt about it.

Different people have told me this before that the process of changing table tables to other forms is hard and impossible to some extent, but that got me surprised actually.

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As complex as the bookshelf changing table might be, that’s why some people thought it is hard and also not possible. I have gotten advice from many angles to changing the table doesn’t matter, that one should just live and forget about it.

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This makes me feel to stop the process and forget about it. On another side of my thinking, I did think of a point to challenge myself and make the table change possibly to prove my ability. Our kids are used to using the table regularly. In some cases, they rest or change in the table. The uses the table regularly and that makes it routine.

Changing the style of stairs and even a table might be something harder and complex. That makes me decide to bring the supplies out of the room to a convenient place. That would make it easy for me to work on.

ikea changing table/bookshelf changing table combo

After a couple of moments of thinking, I could suggest using a dresser which I was gifted by a friend of mine. It is an honor to me for the wonderful gift of the dresser by my friend and am willing to use it to achieve the table. The dresser has been in our house for some years ago. It is the kind of dresser whom I guess everybody can use comfortably without bad experience and feeling.

The dresser was kinda helpful to me. I used it for several years and it is a quality-lasting one. So, I was thinking about changing it. It lasting privilege for me to use the dresser for years and that is something I should think of. The drawers are well constructed. They can accommodate a lot of stuff, most especially non-heavy ones.

While we keep reviewing the process, we began to list the criteria to be achieved down so as to review them and know the ones we should consider. See them below;

– The changing table should be something wide, strong and flat which can accommodate more of our shelters.

– A storage facility should be added to it, either something in box or basket form. This can be used for preparing or saving something inside for a specific period.

– It inner should be length well so that you push many things to the inside of the table. This will help us to have a comfortable and accomplished table after successfully being done.

Looking at the picture above makes me of the possibilities of achieving the goal or not. I look and again looked over the changed table photo to study its case. The table was just like the criteria I stated before. I was also thinking of adding more features if possible this is achieved first, but that would be secondary hope.

Guest what? It finally happened without such expectation. Our house at that time is upstairs. So we package all needs and the important thing inside and move to forward to the upstairs. The wood used in constructing it is quite a quality and heavyweight. I don’t know its specific type of class, but those kinds of woods are good for any kind of furniture that can last and be used for many years.

bookcase changing table

Upon taking it to upstairs, we directly move it to a comfortable room. We keep it there tightly close to a wall. We make sure it is kept appropriately.

The backside was tight to the wall and the drawers were facing front. This is a silly mistake most people make while bringing in drawer furniture into their rooms; they mistakenly keep it without bordering about the side of the drawer.

It looks so cool, though not like I expect it to be. We decided to put something on top of the dresser to serve as a passion. That could be any type of art that can stand perfectly on it. I was thinking of working fast and efficiently.

The Expedit is something I should consider too. I look forward to making it more modern (upgrade). That will showcase the difference between the rug and the door. I started thinking of painting it with amazing cool color paint and if a possible nod to the dresser. This changed the complete looking of the Expedit. It turns to a kinda warm look.

Can you see that? It seems not real or can’t be so, that’s how I think too, but it is real. That’s it and that’s reality. This could help to know more before digging into the fact.

Let move to the fact. I decided to move the Expedit out of the room. We should discuss the measurement more (this will save one from arriving at the wrong destination at the end).

Base on the review and decision of the measurement, I conclude that three 1 x 6 boards will sustain the wide range of the Expedit. While I use one over half for each part of the overhang. This measurement is the best one for the Expedit. There will be enough space in the inner of it after successfully being done.

ikea changing table/bookshelf

On the wood type, I decide to use whitewood which will suit the construction. It is a quality wood that can go along with Expedit. I could remember that we once use that type of wood before, some years back in the construction of our living room table. It is something about $10-15 at that time. It will be hard to get it for such in this time since things are now cost in all over the world.

Below are the supplies bought down and are already on cutting point.

I began the process where I punched two holes using my Kreg Jig. I do that to be able to attach the boards to the panel and also join each of the other sides.

This was exactly how I does to my console some years back. That holes allow me to merge and join sides together, though this came if the first process I applied doesn’t work out. I create hidden holes using the Kreg Jig. I try and try again till everything sort out.

The photo speaks; as you can vividly see the boards after successfully done. The board work out well more than I could expect. This is because I soften the edges and any form scratch within the board surface. The boards were two which I got for the down button purpose. The middle doesn’t matter much since one can’t see it until if opened. This shows why some stay behind the bottom.

We move to the painting (staining) stage. I decided to first use pre-stain to spin it. The wood conditioner was at the top and we decided to use it as the pre-stain. The pre-stain process helps in cleaning off any dirty or unwanted thing on it. And the admirable part of the pre-stain product is that it doesn’t cost much which is $10-15.

Babychanging table

You can use any of the desired tools to pre-stain it, but a brush is more recommended because it will extend the wood conditioner well on the wood surface. Let it stay for some moment like 20mins. The wood conditioner would penetrate into the wood and then wipe it off.

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I decided to use Minwax Dark Walnut paint for painting the board. I have used this type before, it works well and it doesn’t require more than one coat. I bought it and think of using it first on something to see how it will on the wood. There are some remnants of the wood, so I apply the paint and it looks good. The paint penetrates and shines more than the wood conditioner and that’s the difference including lasting long.

After the painting and it gets dry. I started the process to attached the wooden panels. I take each panel and attached it to the Expedit. I don’t want to use either a screwing or nailing system, so I opted for glue wood that was the best I could use. Using the screwing process would require you to wisely hide the heads after and that would require time to do so. It won’t even look neat afterward. I move the Expedit forward and soften it more with sandpaper. It looks warmly cool.

I use so much wood glue throughout the process. I also use a nail gun to tightly hold it well. I apply the same process to each side part. It takes almost a night to dry well before I move forward. I move the piece next and processed the bottom pieces by attaching them all together. This clearly shows how I focus on the Expedit.

bookshelf changing table combo

I give it more time to dry well before touching it again. Then move it again to another comfortable place. I began the next process of attaching casters and legs to the Expedit. We got some casters from a store when we went to buy our supplies before starting. The casters cost us about $11 at that time.

And the legs will support its bottom and even when moving. It is an essential support for the Expedit standing. You might be wondering and even asking yourself about where are the casters placed? As casters usually use to be right? The truth is that we haven’t added it yet. The dresser section increased in height, though not I imagine. But it is good and well standard than how it used to be before.

It looks moderately well, I love how it looks and I would like to reveal the process involves if someone would like to follow.

All you have to do is unscrew the screwed screw. Pieces all material down and rearranges or even adding the needed woods including some arts at the same time.

As we are gradually moving, some people may be asking themselves about the height of the table changing process. You need to know the Expedit height first and it is about 29-32, but you should confirm that first on your own since it may vary. You can add some number of inches for the wood framing. Well, and accurate data of measurement is important.

The shelves are useful and should be considered. Different stuff can be kept in it without any problem. Apart from drawers, the shelves play a very major role in Expedit terms. There are times you feel tired or lazy to open a drawer and put on something, while the shelves don’t have a cover or something related to the opener. It is a non-covered opened part of the Expedit.

If you keep any stuff on shelves, you can easily access it without wasting time. You will just take/carry the stuff. That’s why some people consider using shelves more than a drawer in a dresser. If the stuff you want to keep there won’t be dust or affected outside, you don’t have to worry to use drawers. Cloth and other fast-dusty or secret stuff are the things you should consider using a drawer for. They are categorized as concealed and bin stuff. While a book or something related to that should be kept outside in selves.

how to turn a changing table into a bookshelf

Diapering the wood path should follow next. The wood is opened na.k*d which means that anything you keep there, either inside the drawer or on the shelves, there is a possibility that it would carry dust and even change how is it before (something like cloth). The diapers will cover the wood scratches (if maybe there is) and make it looks attractive and neat. Just like our normal chairs and cushion, if they are wrapped with any kind of fabric, it makes it looks good and comfortable for use purpose. Just imagine a cushion without diapers, it would look na.k*d and dirty.

You can do that manually or automatically (once for all). You can decide to install the diapers during the construction which is said to be automatic. Once you do this, you have done it and that’s all till maybe if you want to change it again in the next month or years. And the manual process is wrapping any type of form of the diaper after you finished the construction.

NOTE: Whatever type of diapers you decided to use, make sure it light and not thick. A very simple one that is not heavy. You should wrap it once, don’t make it twice.

The arts you might decide to place on top of the Expedit should be reviewed for it safe in the future. There are arts that if you started using them, they will break in next days due to their conditions of safe place. Most of the stuff we bought that comes in a package, their “safe place” are specifically written on it. Keep something which said to be kept in cool in dry or hot might make it broke or spoiled quickly.

If you decided to do and design the art yourself, then you must know or research of it safe condition and durability. This is so much important not even on Expedit aspect, but on most stuff, we use daily in our house.

nursery bookshelf changing table

In the case of children who might carry or remove the art away; this pains some parent and some doesn’t border about it. If the art is removed or carried away, as a parent, you might feel so sad or somehow. It is not your fault nor the children’s fault. This happens in our daily environment. Children are so much interested in arts of any kind, be it plastic or any other form. So don’t blame them much or punish them for that unless if you have severally warned them on such types of cases.

The best way to curb this is to look forward to gluing or making permanent their by any form. This shall stop the children. Once they attempt to take it, they will notice that it is glued or kept permanently. That’s it.

What can you say over the long-written process and experience of HomeCareAbout? Can you do it yourself too? Drop your view below.

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