Best Way To Turn A Basket To A Pendant Light

Today, we will discuss the processes involved in turning a basket into a pendant light in the best way (basket lights). This process requires an old basket with some other supplies.

I know some people can’t wait to hear how to do this. Just calm and not worry. We will speak on all the processes involved.

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In the process of doing this, you will need to visit any known place that has pendant lights already to see how it looks well. This might seem hard for you to find, but you should simply visit any decorating outlet that sells that type of house’ product. You will surely see one there.

basket lights over island

When you get there, you will see different products relating to that. You will see a basket pendant, a very beautiful one to buy (though it maybe cost). Don’t worry about that, just get one if possible.

Get an affordable and beautiful one of your choice. After buying the basket, move further to get the all other supplies that would be used for the pendant light. The supplies include light kits, silver donut-looking, and canopy.

The supplies come differently which means you have to buy each separately. For the light kits, there are different colors available mostly, which some are oil-rubbed bronze. Sometimes there may not be the actual type of color you want, so you have to pay for instant spray paint if available.

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You might be wondering how the supplies look, don’t border. I will explain them now. Silver donut-looking is something in a round shape. It also looks like a flat donut (snack). It is used for different purposes that include pendant light, bold earrings, or necklaces.

basket lights ikea

But for the purpose of a pendant light, it will be used to hold the light kit to avoid sipping around. It will tight the light kit well. That’s why the silver donut-looking is preferable because of its boldness and shape. The basket which will be used for the pendant light needs something bold-round because of its natural shape.

Light kits are a product used for lightening something particularly. In this case, the light kits are what will light the basket pendants’ light. The canopy looks like a silver donut-looking in shape. It is used to hold the basket pendant light when hanging.

The supplies you bought may be bigger or smaller for their use purpose, so you need to buy like two sizes to avoid going to the store twice. If you buy one, there is a possibility that it won’t hold the basket light properly and would be sipping through. The pendant light will look somehow at the end if you didn’t do it appropriately.

After you get all your necessities, now let dig into the construction of the basket pendant light. Get a table that has nothing on it together with a chair or you can stand. It would help you to do the work comfortably without being fatigued.

Brought on all that you bought onto the table. Now turn the open part of the basket down and the close part should be looking up. Put in the silver donut-looking through the open-part and pull it to the close-part. Make sure it is tight well. If it doesn’t, then change it with another you buy.

hanging basket lights

Pull out the silver donut-looking from the basket pendant light. Take the plastic ring of the light kit and suck it into silver donut-looking from any side since it is all the same. Pull the light kit plastic ring throughout the “silver donut-looking”. Let the silver donut-looking hold and tighten it well.

After you did it well, congrats. I am sure you are happy at the moment. It is time for you to know the quality of what did. Take the basket pendant light from the close part using the plastic ring of the light kit.

Some people might be thinking of other kinds of baskets for the light pendant. These kinds of baskets include paper lampshades, lanterns, woven-ish basket lights, and total fire hazards.

There is no problem in using any kind of basket light if it doesn’t tight with the bulb (which has the electricity current). If the bub tight or robs the basket, the bub will get hot and might cause a problem.

Whatever type of basket light you are using, just make sure it doesn’t touch anything apart from it plastic ring that would be attached to it.

As you just see, the bub distanced from the basket light and any other thing. You should make sure yours is like this too. It should be free from anything apart from what it is attached (plastic ring) to.

etsy basket lights

About the bub, there is no specification for that. It is your choice. It is what you chose that will be. As a couple or parent, make sure you chose what both you and your partner agree with.

At the starting point, you may be feeling somehow that this might not work or something related to that. Your heart will be doubting can I do this or not? Some people even feel they can’t complete, so they decided not to even start.

But in the end, if you follow the process and do it carefully, you have nothing to worry about. Just trust yourself and the process involved.

Can you see how it looks, how beautiful it stand well? This shows you how basket pendant light looks beautiful in the house, most especially if you chose the gorgeous color.

Couples or parent enjoys a house that is so decorated well with the latest style of decoration. You may be wondering if my word “latest decoration”, yeah that is it. They are the latest model way of decorating the house, not like the olden days’ way (which our parents do before).

Create hanging basket lights

That’s old and won’t ever look beautiful to you because the generation is not the same. Technology has our view. We don’t longer see old stuff as beautiful ones rather the new latest.

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Your basket light pendant surface should be targeted, I mean you should not just do it anywhere. Some places will suit it. For instance, your bathing or dressing room won’t ever look beautiful with the basket pendant light.

But places like General Parlor (or other individual parlors) or dining table. It makes it beautiful, apart from that it lights the room more. Those types of rooms need a bit-down light that’s not very high or not close to the ceiling or decking.

The kitchen needs the pendant light too. It is a house section that needs more downlights. But the type of it pendant light should not be basket type. It should be a completely round shape. Here is the type we recommended!

Industrial Pendant Lighting, Adjustable Hanging Light Fixtures, Clear Glass Shade Pendant Light

KLSS Modern Black Farmhouse Clear Glass Cylinder Pendant Light Fixture, Mini Pendant Lighting

Industrial Glass Pendant Light with Handblown Clear Seeded Glass Shade, One-Light Adjustable Rustic Mini Pendant

P.S: There is an affiliate link of the most recommendable home improvement product inserted in this particular article, don’t think twice about that as we provide the cheapest, most comfortable, beautiful, and even long-durability products for your house.

Note that, if you purchase through the link, i may earn at no extra charge to you.

You will be amazed after doing this. You can even take a snap of your room (house) before starting the work. This will help you to compare the before and after the work. All the needed supplies are not cost, they are affordable and will make your house looks very beautiful.

In some places across the world, this type of basket is used for something else. You shouldn’t border on that if that’s your choice. We look forward to hearing your views and remark on this.

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