Best 10 Ways To Hang A Mirror On A Door

The mirror on the back of a door looks very beautiful in houses, though some people don’t like it. It looks polite in our various rooms. Some houses are using it already. It is not a new idea. 

Houses that use mirrors already know how beauty it looks in rooms. Some people like Feng Shui practitioners of China, dancers, and even Gymnasts uses it often. While you are admiring for Mirror on your room wall and door, one needs to know how to do it in order to make it look beautiful. 

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Ways To Hang A Mirror On A Door 

There are suggestions, processes, tips, and even kinds of mirrors to be used in this particular work. So let’s dig into it;

1. Get The Best Suitable Mirror 

One should not just go and buy any kind of mirror. There are many types of mirrors that are used in different places. Some mirrors can only fit the dressing room, bathroom, barbers, or markup artist shops. That particular type of mirror won’t suit your demand.

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You might even be thinking of using used mirrors of demolished places. You can use it since it is gotten for free. But that’s not the best one to use. 

How to put mirror on door back

As you want to make sure your room looks beautiful, so it is must for you to get the best and suitable one for your purpose.

Door mirrors are mostly simple, lightweight, and easy to handle. They have their specifications. One must not use a very heavy mirror. This is to avoid effect on the door with heavy additional thing upon the door weight itself. 

Normally, some doors get problem or start hanging due to its weight reason or the other. So one must not add a heavy pressure thing to it again. There are mirrors for door purposes only. What are the recommended door mirrors for you to buy? 

See some here;

Over The Door Mirror Mirrotek Full Length Mirror Aluminum Frame Gold Mirror. 13.7 x 48 Inches. (MT1005)

LVSOMT Full Length Mirror, 47″x14″ Wall Mirror, Door Mirror, Over The Door Mirror,

2. Type Of The Door Matter

Many types of doors are used at houses based on the recommended building or owner’s choice. Some doors can be just punched or screwed up because of their nature.

Types of doors include timbers (wood) doors, metal doors, hollow doors, plastic doors, and even glass doors. This category of your door will determine your mirror hanging option.

Doors like plastic can’t be punched with nails and hammers due to their nature. You will just spoil that kind of door if you screw or punch them. Even on doors like metal, one must be careful to avoid breaking the mirror while punching or screwing it.

The hallow doors are more suitable for it. However, you can still use logic to do the work.

Whatever type of door you are using, you can nail or screw the mirror frame well first, then install the mirror into it.

3. Use Beautiful Over-the-door Mirror Hanging Hook 

In the process of preparing your door mirror, you should always choose designated products to make it look beautiful at the end.

Door with mirror at back

You should get the ornamental hook for the mirror hanger. It should be simple and not a thick one to avoid causing a problem to the door.

If the mirror hanger is too thick or curry in shape, it might be affecting the door space while opening and closing it. You can get an adequate mirror hanger for a cheap rate. 

Your door mirror might use 2-3 hangers, though it depends on the size of the mirror you are using for the door.

Make sure the hooks are well presented behind the mirror. Be careful while nailing/screwing the frame using the suitable nail/crew to avoid an error.

4. Use Plastic Tight

Plastic tight (clip) does a lot while hanging a mirror on something, particularly touchable and movable one. That doesn’t mean the mirror should be heavy, it must still be a lightweight and simple one.

The plastic clip can’t hold too much pressure of a heavy mirror for a very long time. You are expecting it to last long to infinity years or till you removed it in your hand. 

The number of clips depends on the size of the mirror. But it should not be more than 6-8. You can ask your staff, who would handle the work. 

While using the plastic clips, you should make sure it tight the mirror moderately, otherwise it will cause a problem to the screw or the mirror itself.

Used the clip in the top, down and sides of the mirror.

5. Use Sticky Tape

Though tape can never hold the pressure of any kind of mirror, even if it is very light in weight. But it can serve as a support to mirror. Tapes are mostly slightly smooth which can’t slide and depart from a mirror. 

Using duct tape is the best for the mirror. It is strong and can support the mirror. You might need much to serve for that purpose which will look unprofessional. Instead, use the little to round the mirror and nail it together. You can also use the sticky side of a bumper sticker or car decal.

Use the tape in between the door surface and mirror so as to tight it well together. It saves dust from getting into middle space.

6. Slip-On A Twine

Most mirrors that can be slightly attached are lightweight ones. You need to know that the safest mirror to hang indoors is the one that’s slightly not heavy in terms of weight. It can be easily to hung on a wall not even on the door only. 

What is an over the door Mirror

The glass cutters usually punch out a ring on the edge of each mirror for easy installation. If you are lucky to get that type, you can easily do the work with screws, nails, and the frames.

7. Get A Ready-made Mirror

This might seem somehow to you, but it is the best way to go about it. This type of mirror has no issue. It is already made for this purpose. You have not to go a long way with preparation or doing something to the mirror for you to hang it. That’s why it is called ready-made mirrorfor door. 

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All the long processes of using plastic clips, tape, hooks, and others can be skipped in this mirror because the manufacturer, cutters, and even framers have made it ready for use purpose. All you need to do is choose a decorate and match mirror for your door type. 

See some recommendations below!

Americanflat Over the Door Mirror – Full Length Hanging Door Mirror for Bedroom, Bathroom, Dorm and More, Black

Giantex Jewelry Cabinet Box Armoire Door Wall Mount Lockable Touch Screen Light Built-in Zipper Pocket

In most cases, this type of mirror came along with everything needed. Sometimes, bub LED, frame, and hang come along too.

8. Buy Hole Glass

This type of glass is called holey-glass. They come along with their hole. It is done from the manufacturing point. 

Though it may be hard to get it from some developed countries of Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Instead, you will see reflective ones. This kind of hole mirror is mostly frameless because it is not necessary for its type. While if you are ordering it, you can require it type by specifying it to the manufacturer.

They make it for your specification neatly without dumping it. There are good tools to do it.

9. Use A Middle Screw Style

While you are preparing for this, make sure you have eaten and not tired too. Get a well-stable ladder to do to work. It is not something hard for one to nail or screw the door. You just have to be careful, if not it might lead to a very big mistake. 

Get a screw machine preferable, but you can use a hammer (nail) to do it if that is not available. Leave the door open and rest the ladder on it. Set your screw or nail well at a good center potion.

10. Basics Ways To Hang A Mirror On A Door

This is last on the list. This would discuss on short easy and convenient details on how to hang a mirror on the door;

– Get a lighter mirror, both in terms of weight and color

– Know which type of nail/screw would suit your door

– Nail an over-the-door mirror hook onto the back

– Try to get a plastic mirror tight that has a screw in it

– If possible, get some tapes which can be used on both sides to parallel colliding of the door and the mirror.

– Use a ready-made mirror. Contact the manufacturer and tell them your specification need.

All the above-listed and explained ways involved in doing this are clear and straightforward. It is explained well. Don’t get it twisted, just follow the process step by step.

I am sure at the end of the day, you will really be amazed at how this works. The mirror will brightly lighten your room.

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Note that, if you purchase through the link, i may earn at no extra charge to you.

Can you put mirror at the back of a door

Have you come across a mirror before, if yes, how does it look like?

What can you say about the interesting way of hanging the mirror at the back of the mirror? Can you practice it without fear of getting mistakes? Your response will be highly appreciated. Don’t feel shame or somehow about your response, we valued you no matter how is it.

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