Bathroom Repair: Best Way To Install Baseboards & Trim

Our bathroom was nice and good-looking not until I went to my cousin’s house. I spent almost a week there during my last holiday. It was an incredible time for me. I really enjoyed my time with my cousins. A great time I always dream and wish of.

During my holiday in the house, on the first day, I went to their bathroom in the morning to take my bath. I was dammed surprised as I enter the bathroom. I could never have thought there are model toilets that have Baseboards. Don’t laugh at me, that’s my experience when I was young.

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That got me thinking of “how and when is Baseboards done in the house. Since I was raised up, I have never seen it before to be sincere. I admire the Baseboards so much. It makes the bathroom looks very decent and protective.

So I make up my mind to know how baseboards can be done in my house too. After I went back to our house, our bathroom looks so local to me since after I saw the model with Baseboards.

bathroom trim ideas

One thing I notice about the Baseboards done in most houses, most especially in the bathroom and other toilet parts is that it protects the sides-wall of the room against water or any liquid substance.

If you have seen a toilets room that doesn’t have Baseboards before, you will notice that the water/liquid substances have been penetrating the side-wall.

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I started finding out more about Baseboards, it has classification and styles. There are Baseboards made up of both tiles and Plaster of Paris (POP). There are different styles of POP-made that include beaded, ornate, smooth, and curved. Depending on your choice.

Some people use tiles in the complete or half wall (starting from the floor) and that one doesn’t need any Baseboards again since the wall has been tiled already. The tiling of the wall would cover the Baseboards.

bathroom trim molding ideas

Also, our various doors and windows that have been trimmed before will need another trim installment again too. Though sometimes, the process might bring lots of problems which will lead to a splinter of pipes into pieces. If you have the intention of doing re-installing of the trim, you must be careful.

The task will now change from one to three (the downside of the wall, door part, and window part too). You will need to measure the length of them all. Don’t forget, you will measure both the length and breadth of the door and window surface. Then move I move to the nearby store of Home Supplies to get them all what is required to start. This will give the option to all the trims at once.

I was thinking of getting the old removed trims of the window and door surface, but I later realized the new model will be better and would make the house inside look attractive. So I opt for good and quality trims. Inside the store, there is a part for cutting the exact length and breadth of the measurement.

How to do bathroom trimmingThis will help me to transfer it from the store to my destination. Some of the trims are long. It might break on my way back home if I didn’t cut it into moderate pieces.

And you should be careful when cutting, don’t cut it too small so that it won’t be smaller than your measurements. Preferably, I gave them the measurements for them to cut it well for me without doubt of mistake. That store is a place where you can get different kinds of home building and improvement materials. You will get the trims there.

The cutting takes a very bit of time. It took me over half an hour before the cutter finished. It was a new experience since I haven’t seen it before.

I went back home. It was during the week. I take my noon and rest for some minutes. I stood up and brought the trims into the yard. For me to be sure over the length of each section, I take one among the cut trim and went to the door part first. I place it accurately on the wall to shade the exact length.

mdf trim in bathroom hammer

While placing the trim on the wall section of the door, I realized that the trim edge of the two-part should not directly cut rather something like parallel shape i.e in a way that if the trimmed are placed on the door surface, they will attractively hook each other. This is best the way to cut the trimming angles parts.

I carefully do this. I was scared of cutting the trim wrongly. I shade the exact point (to be cut) using a pen and then keep the trim on the table. I move the shaded part forward on the table and use a Hand Saw to cut it. There are different types of Saw which you can use to cut the trim.

The Hand Saw might be harder and risky to use because you need to be sawing it repeatedly before the trim will cut. So, while sawing, you might mistakenly temper the part that will be used. If possible, you can get the other type of saw and use it. Their electronic ones that no force to be used.

Using the engine electronic saw would be easy and convenient for one. Once you placed your saw on the angle you shaded, you will just move it to the exact direction and cut it to pieces. The hand saw might be dangerous for use because of its zigzag blade type.

mdf trim in bathroom

If you mistakenly cut yourself with it, your skin flesh would be hard for doctors to amend it in hospital. It is hard for them to sew it. That’s why I don’t recommend using a hand saw much.

Even the electronic saw can be dangerous too if not used and handle properly. Once you plug, it is automatically ready for use. You will just press the starter for it to start working. So, hold the saw well and make sure you have placed it on the trim-shaded angle before you press the starter.

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After I finished cutting it well. I take the part I want to use and then place it on the door surface. I was thinking of what to use to gum it to the wall surface. There are two options I can use to place it which include Plaster of Paris way and also nailing. The Plaster of Paris might take you time to compose the material and you need is to go and buy it. I will reveal how to use it in case of others’ benefit.

bathroom trim molding

I decide to use the nailing option. I chose that to save time and also, the other option requires some materials to do it. While the nailing option needs a nail and hammer only to do the work.

I bought a small inch of the nail together with a small 10 oz hammer. That’s the best combination of tools you should use. I nailed the trim slowly till the nail get into it. When it reaches the exact surface of the trim, I stopped because I tried to nail it more, the hammer will affect the trim. In that case, I use “pin punch” and applied it to the nail, and hammer it more. That will be punched in the nail more to inside.

I did all the rest of them like that. I was carefully doing it. You don’t have to rush if not you might waste the trim to breaking. I did both the door and window like that. And each corner of the trim, you will notice some spaces after nailing them all. In this place, I punched the nail too. The nail was showing from inside.

These spaces from both the trim corner angles and nail punch insider don’t look attractive. It shows the surface under the trim and the inner of the nail. Though the trim looks almost complete. So I use “caulk later” to fill the gap space.

It looks very well after applying the caulk later. The caulk later suits the trim since they are both white. You might decide to change the white color, not another type. But the best thing is to leave it in its natural color.

After putting the caulk later, I used my fingers to pull it inside more and smooth the surface well. I wait for some moment for it to dry and applied a Linen White coat on it. The door and window are now completed (placed, caulk later, and painted too).

Now let’s move to the floor Baseboards. Baseboards of the bathroom are the main thing we decided to talk on, but we diverted to talk on door and window. That is good too. The floor Baseboards seem as the most complex. It requires me to flip down when installing the trim.

As you did during the door and window trim installment, cut the length of the Baseboards in the trim. Make sure you did it carefully just like the first ones. The first ones I did are slightly different from the floor Baseboards. As I mentioned earlier up before, there is another type of Baseboard apart from trim, there is tile. But for tiles, you will need maybe a constructor of that field and might take you time more than the trim.

After you have cut and settled your trim down, keep a safe place all. Now take each and place exactly like you the window and door. You will lay down to do the work. Make sure each two trim connect at the corner angle. Let it connect, though terr might be space just like the first ones. You will just use the caulk later to adjust every supposed place.

bathroom trim kit

It looks very neat and standard. Don’t forget, always use a smaller 10 oz hammer to punch the nails. The smaller as it is called is the best because the heavyweight will affect your holding position. You won’t be able to hold it and punch the pain well due to its size.

As some bathrooms are length enough, you might need to divide the trim into three. You will first place the one trim from a corner, while the second from the opposite corner side and the third in the center. You can’t or find it hard to place a long trim once in a floor Baseboards rather than to cut it into pieces like three.

I did the trim and Baseboards during the weekend and it took almost six (vi) hours to complete it. What’s your thought on the bathroom repair process? Can you fully do it by yourself without having an error?

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