A Lovely Jute Rug for Kitchen Warning Up Purpose

A few days after our kitchen makeover, we continue trying our best in evolving it to make it updated and the latest in the town. It takes us about hundred days during the kitchen renovation which is almost one quarter of the year and we are able to obtain another kitchen sink during the process.

Before we continue, we would like to show you the photo of the kitchen and how it looks before we kick off the renovation which and we consider getting a jute rug in the kitchen. See it below;

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jute rug in kitchen

As you can see, that’s our kitchen after the renovation process was completely done. The counters weren’t left behind rather installed and even our sink. We all installed them back again.

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If you check and compare the before and after photos of our few day’s renovated kitchen, you will notice that the color has been changed. The just renovation makes the kitchen looks light, bright and so lovely. The counter space is added and we are thankful for that.

Along the renovation process, we got some new supplies that include herbs (for windows), thick wood cutting boards, glass jars, and some other things. That really update our kitchen look from the old photo to the new looking.

While the jute rug we obtained is $53, though it is not a big one since we want to use it on the kitchen floor. It was flopped down on the floor of the kitchen because sometimes, the floor is cold and it is not interesting seeing walking on a cold surface most especially in the early morning.

That is the same type of rug we obtained some years ago for our other bedroom. It is actually good and worthy of recommendation. It serves as a floor-warmer during the winter season that floors are mostly cold.

Before we bought the jute rug for the kitchen, I was thinking that it might somehow be strange because I haven’t come across a house that uses it in the kitchen at that time.

jute rug in kitchen

That did not stop me from obtaining the rug which I was even lucky that it fitted and contain the kitchen floor size. The floor of the kitchen went right then I couldn’t expect.

For the first month of using the rug, we didn’t experience anything bad/wrong. Nothing stains on despite the fact that we usually drink while staying on it (in the kitchen).

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And we come to the end of the “kitchen with the jute rug” discussion, what is your view on this? Can you use the same rug too or have you used or currently used it, what is your experience?

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