My Top Notch Coffee Table Exprience (Detials)

The unbeatable experience of mine over the top-notch coffee table. A lot of people have gotten stuck on the process due to lack of idea or the other, which some force me to come up with my experience on sheet.

I promised to do so and it is here. It takes a very long time to recover and get the process written down. The experience is a vital one. I keep thinking about where and how shall I start, but along the way, I come up with an idea for me to start from the first day of me using an alternative coffee table which is a “padded ottoman”.

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The process experienced is a very wide and long one. What matters to me is for my readers to understand and even practice the process themselves. That’s my gladness point. I always felt excited whenever I got replies or contact from my valuable readers.

round quartz coffee table

Parent/couples have always wished to set up a coffee table for themselves, but unfortunately, they couldn’t. The coffee table plays a vital role in the house when dining, most especially during breakfast.

In some houses across the world, they prefer something liquid attached with a low solid food as breakfast. That’s why tea and bread are said to be the most preferable food families take for breakfast.

During the breakfast moment, families would like to enjoy themselves on the coffee table. It is an incredible enjoyment. You might not know that till you find yourself enjoying it too one day, lol.

In the holiday season, that’s when coffee tables are mostly used in different places across the world. If you went to somewhere like bitch or any other holiday enjoyment places, you will find that coffee table is used by visitors. That’s a time where you see a complete family take his/her to enjoy and have an incredible experience.

I have been using a padded ottoman which lasted for years. In those days, I enjoy it to the extend that I started thinking if I can leave it in the next few days. But after the arrival of the coffee table at home, I later realized the difference between new and old modern. It is superb and easy to use. Most especially if am off at work or during the weekend, I usually enjoyed it together with my family.

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We play games on it. While enjoying the coffee table, I usually turn on Television. That kind of experience is extremely sweet, in fact, I can’t describe it with words. Most especially my dear is by my side.

quartz stone coffee table

The padded ottoman experience is quite a long one. Our small children used it more. It serve as a storage place and it was big enough. Sometimes, if we don’t want to use it. We keep things on it. It is easier to use than a coffee table.

As the children grow more, then I decided to change the padded ottoman to coffee table. Technology has made a positive impact on life. I can’t describe my love for such a table.

For the first time, I was eager to get the coffee table. The padded ottoman becomes local and expired to me. I was tired of it. So I suggest getting a used coffee table (secondhand).

I can’t longer wait and manage the padded ottoman. It has started fading. So I just move for secondhand in a meantime. The padded ottoman was disintegrating everywhere in the house. I have been using it for a very long time, though I couldn’t recover the actual year date. And the better alternative is here. I asked myself, why won’t I get the coffee table. That push me to an extend and I felt I can’t longer use it.

When we got the secondhand coffee table, it works fine and steady. That got me surprised, wondering that the secondhand too can work perfectly without any problem. I felt great and proud over that. We bought it for a token! ($70).

white quartz coffee table

It goes well. I said to myself “finally, I have gotten a coffee table”. Days started counting, almost a year ago since we started using it. It was still usable.

Along the way, I realized that the coffee table looks somehow in the room. It is small and the room is large. The room has a good length and breadth.

While the coffee table serves as a join for a family meeting and conversation point, I start thinking out of it. The chairs don’t look roundly well. Our coffee table looks small in the middle.

That got me thinking over it again. How can I go and what can I do? That’s what always pops in my mind whenever I remember the coffee table small issue.

However, I was able to find out a lasting solution. I decided to get a big square coffee table. But that’s because the room is moderate in layout. A solid and standard one. You might think this is quite easy to find, right? Actually, it is not because I have some other condition (the coffee table that has wooden legs) I would consider apart from that. Your rug or floor should determine for you. Some rugs or floors can without accommodate the metal product.

I did think of a polished and durable coffee table that could last long even if kids are playing with it. Sometimes, kids or even we “parent would like to play games on it which is very interesting. Remember, a quality product is always preferable over any other type.

Base on my findings, I found that polished quartz is more recommended. It is a free-stain i.e drinks (any type) can’t stain on it. It suitable table that looks beautiful in the room.

quartz composite coffee table

One thing I admire about the quartz is that free from stain. We mostly pour drinks on the coffee table, most especially the children that don’t do things calmly without rushing. Drinks like wine, flavor juice quickly get sain once pour on the table. The polished quartz blew my mind. Family doesn’t need to be ordinary careful while preparing for tea or drink.

It is hard for you to get your exact size if not lucky or maybe you specified before buying from the manufacturer/producers. That seems a huge task for me. I started thinking about it too.

I ask myself this, can I make it from the scratch? Actually No. So, I started thinking about how to go about it. “How can I get the moderate size of my choice”, that’s what I keep repeating in my mind.

Later, I suggested that I should buy a solid square wood coffee table. A colorful of my choice, though I can still paint it to another color. And the floor too is something to be considered on.


I decided to get a very beautiful color, soft and everlasting that can be used for years without any want (which I will reveal down later). All the supplies so far are easier to get and affordable too. This idea was a long and thinking one. It seems to me like buying an incomplete coffee table.

quartz coffee table round

The coffee table size and shape look attractive and professional. It gives me joy. Everywhere was just happy. The family was too much on that day. The supplies ordered arrived a few days after.

That seems a surprise too because I know sometimes, there might be system glitches which lead to an increase of days to arrive.

The solid square wood coffee table is ready-made which means I don’t need to do much to work on it. I bring it out from the package, clean and keep it safe.

The color was not the exact type I want. So, I have to paint it again with another color type. I make sure that I use the color type of the chairs I want to attach. That sounds like a great idea. It would make both the coffee table and chairs matched and beautiful.

The color is of two mixtures to meet the exact color of the chairs. And it work perfectly more than I could expect.

About the quartz remnants, I promised to talk on. I found out stone yard would be very good for the floor deal. Immediately, I went to a local stone yard around. As I get there, I was welcomed by one among their staff. I told the attendant to take remnant pieces that are good and affordable (cheap).

We move directly to where remnant pieces are packed at a side inside the stores. But before then, some people might have been confused here about what a stone yard is.

The stone yard is mostly a local store where remnant pieces and other products used for kitchen and bathroom construction can be gotten. This product is not specifically manufactured as you can see. They are non-used (left) part of the product used by housing workers i.e the remaining part of the used product while setting up kitchen or bathroom.

As I said, they are remaining not new ones. So, you will see them mostly smaller in size. This means they can’t be used for a long or wide big kitchen or bathroom. And also, their prices are 2-3 fewer times of the new ones. That’s why it is affordable to most people.

And if in case yours is big, which would need more to make it. That’s how will you manage and buy. Though it might cost more than expected since it is wide and big. It would consume more of the remnant pieces.

quartz coffee table set

But still, it is the best way to go because if you want to buy new, not remnant pieces, you will be surprised to hear of the huge amount of money. It will cost you too much.

Even before I bought it, I keep thinking if there is any other way to go. But unfortunately, there is no cheap way to go rather than. To my surprise, most of the new ones (Ready-Made) are not qualified for my needs. They aren’t polished quartz.

Here is it as you can see. It looks so good. I felt extremely happy over it. You know how you feel if you do something and it went successfully. Sometimes, we made mistakes which makes us worried. Along the way too, we made do the work well and it works out perfectly pretty which make us happy.

It is not cost, neither cheap, but affordable. That’s a great part of it. Everyone can afford it without prompt of doing so. Since the first day I started thinking of getting a coffee table, I have always admired seeing it one day in our house and that comes true at the end.

quartz coffee table diy

Whenever I look toward the achievement of the coffee table, I did remember a quote that’s “dream higher”. This says it all. What if I heard downgrade myself that I won’t be able to get it? That means I won’t be able to get the coffee table.

After settling it down. I breathe “hmmm and have a chair and see down. So I rest my feet on the coffee table. I was looking directly at my feet on the table. While I know our children might be resting their feet on the table. I realized that the table edge can be shaking if too much pressure is applied to it. That’s best and can lead it downfall/collapse.

Then I think something should be done to the coffee table edge or other angles that can help to hold the forces. That forced me to think of doing the needful. I suggest I should satin brass corner brackets to the edges.

The interesting part about using the brass is that you can screw it within few minutes. It will really help and support the forces applied on the coffee table. Even not resting feet on it, sometimes you might decide to put on other things on it such as a flask or big cooler.

The coffee table now looks solid than before. A very stable table. It is hard, yes very hard for the coffee table to be shaking no matter the kind of force applied to it. That idea is very great. I admire it.

Sorry, I forget to tell you about the quartz and how I attached it on top of the coffee table. I use dabs of an adhesive, a small amount to attach the quartz on top of the coffee table. That makes it stay standard. Also, one thing you should first do is to have a coffee table.

quartz coffee table rectangle

You should not assume the size of the quartz you need. Till you have the coffee table with you, then you should measure its top side.

The assumption of the coffee table top size to cut the quartz is a very mistake because it might be smaller or bigger than your assumed size. And if something like that happens, there is a possibility that you would lose the measured cut quartz. So, you should not rush to do that. Just calm and do it steadily.

The Coffee Table issue should not border you much. You may be insomuch need of it. You may be admiring it daily. But what? Coffee Table shouldn’t make get you to an extent of danger or something like that. It is just a mere living thing. You can happily live without it, yes you can without doubt.

Despite how much I admire and think about it daily before I settle one, I maintain my eagerness, calm myself and then plan about the coffee table. You can find and buy a high-quality coffee table if you don’t want the follow the long process.

That’s good too, although it might have cost. All that matters is the type of coffee table are you looking forward to buying? Make sure you buy quality ones. You can use my idea to choose the ones that are good and everlasting.

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Just like a polished quartz coffee table. It is good and recommendable. It makes your room looks so beautiful. Even me now, if am interested in any other coffee table, I can order for it instead. But I must widely choose the best for my own.

quartz and wood coffee table

Some days, when having funds with family during the weekend. I will just ask dear to prepare a very low-sugar juice of pineapple and orange. We sometimes prepare for chips also. That makes my day. A very sweat experience on our coffee table.

And if sometimes I don’t want that, we prepare cooling hot coffee. We normally talk and gist on those very days of doing coffee only. Whenever I look toward my experience and idea I come up with over this, I always feel happy.

Few question the people ask sometimes and reliable answers;

– How much is a ready-made coffee table? It depends based on the type you want and the order place

– How long can my coffee table last? This also depends on how you handle and manage yours. It can last for years if handle well.

What can you say over the long coffee table experience of mine? What is your suggestion to the public readers? Your answer will be highly warmly welcome. Have a coffee day!

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