Our Sunroom Wall Art And How We Do It 

The brick wall of our sunroom looks somehow without paint and that doesn’t make us comfortable seeing how it is whenever we are in the room.

The wall looks somehow rough and unattractive, which makes us to decide of painting the wall. We painted the brick wall and before you know it, it becomes very shiny and good look and was even thinking of sunroom wall art.

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Sunroom wall art

It becomes like a renovated sunroom wall while it is not since we only painted it (though it might be considered as renovation because we change it from its former looking state to another looking level).

After a while of the painting, we start thinking of doing some sort of art on the wall of the sunroom. We haven’t used that kind of room that the wall is decorated with arts on them and since we haven’t used that before, we can tell any experience seeing or living with arts.

While we are still on the sunroom makeover project to make it looks model and update, we don’t think at this stage time to spend much on it. We are currently on low and this is because we have some little room and housing project onboard wafting for us (which we are looking forward to and even eager to kick-off).

Sunroom wall art

We don’t want to use much, rather less and with the help of what we have already together with us to do the work.

This is because if we spend less on the wall art, we would be able to save something even if it is a penny to start other things that include maybe the sunroom floor tiles and others. That is the best decision for us to at this point of the sunroom art.

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The electric asymmetrical look is as good as it is arranged. Base on our understanding, it will better and would look good hanging it on the wall rather than keeping it may be on the floor of the pile playroom.

The table on the side inside the room doesn’t seem good at the place, but anyhow we will change it later on in the process.

Sunroom wall art

The supplies we bought for the art include frames of the art-size objects. We bought a bunch of them which helps to check and review the sizes of the art and the frame that will correspond together. Each goes with one another of the bought and some with futures that are already in the room.

Luckily, we find some of the color of the frames that suites with the pillows. It looks so good to us, even though not as many may want it to look. You can decide to frame color for the arts of your choice that solely depend on you and maybe your partner dear.

Sunroom wall art

It might be wonders to you how we hung the arts that make it arranged like this, you can look and study the photo to do yours too. Your art with frames hanging must not or nearly look like this.

Just make it well and a good one so that the room can have an attractive view. Once we set and hung one, we will just move back, look at the recent hung art to know whether it is well and looking good.

There is a possibility that if you stand close to the art, you might not see how it looks good or wrong because you are near. Move back small to check it, if it is good for you, then move to the next art, frame if need and you won’t, then go again and hang it.

Sunroom wall art

Again come back and do as you did for the first or recent one, repeat that for the rest of the arts. There is nothing like a standard or recommendable way to hang the arts, all you should consider is that you want it to look eclectically at the end. If there is an idea guiding the process, then it should be using “the combination of what is good for the hanging”.

Anything apart from that on the sunroom art wall might hurt your outcome at the end because you follow ideas not what is good for you and also safe.

That means you don’t need any math or mythology or guidance on how the art should appear. But what I can confidently say here is that; make sure the art frames are not jam-packed at one side or hanging any art without the context of being good-looking.

Sunroom wall art

I have seen some art at are done with calendars of different colors or types. That’s not bad; it is well more than the ready-made arts. There are good-looking calendars that would really make attractive art in the room. It depends on base on the art you could form with the calendar.

There are professional people whose work is creating arts, if you have or know one near, you can try him/her out. Some people can even use their favorite artist, actors or even sports players to make art with it and it would look good too. The interest of that is what matters most, if you want and feel you can do it or find some and pay, then that’s all.

The side’s arts are combinations of different nature. We have never thought of using their type of art-frames before and here are they today in our room. The doily stretcher you saw at that side is $10 and we bought it from a store.


Sunroom wall art

We are amazed by it because of its looks when we are at the store (it caught our eyes over big size). The next is behind them are painterly arts (they are painted arts). The one below them is a gift-giving to us by someone when he visited us some months ago and we didn’t even know that it would be much useful to us.

At that time, we just keep on top of our bookshelf. Our child was amazed by the arts and how we arranged them. We are indeed amazed by the process.

In some houses I have been to, they use a different types of animal pets to design the arts. I am sure their children like it so much. Kids always admire such types of things in movies or even in their textbooks.

And some that aren’t familiar with it in movies feel scared of it. Their building, rock, or garden art design and those too are good for one to use for hanging in the room. It depends on you, dear wife, and the comfort of your children.

We hung them during the night and it all went all, though we used an extra light and that’s why I would recommend you to yours during the daylight so that you won’t need any extra light.

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Some people have been already started asking how we hung the art on the brick wall. Don’t worry, I will reveal the unpopular method we use that works for us and it shall be the next thing we will discuss. See the method below;

This method is about to reveal here is unpopular and it is hard to find from somewhere else. It is a strong method that you can hang your art pictures with it. I have severally practiced this method to even hang a mirror and it pretty much works for me without issue.

Some people have always thought that it would be hard or think it is impossible to reserve back a hole created from a brick wall. It is actually easy to do; just use the backside of your harmer to yank an anchor, apply some sort of caulk substance into the hole. That’s it, but you might decide to paint the brick wall again so that it would displace the hole shade.

Sunroom wall art

So use that process to hang the art picture frames, but make sure the drilling, you use medium equipment so that it won’t much affect the brick wall on the process. Use a small hammer because a big one might cause damages to the wall.

There is another way which you can follow to hang a picture on the wall, like the gluing process. It would require top high-quality glue for this process. If you want to order online, you should look for glue that has the capability of gluing paper and walls.

And if is a local store, tell them the same criteria too. It would be even better to go to the store so that you will physically see the type of glue and gist with the staff about what you want to do, maybe there will be any recommendation by them.

I shall not forget to reveal this art frame pictures way; there are sometimes that you have a beautiful and desired photo in your phone or device and you want to use as art frame pictures, all you need to do in this point is to go to any printing or café center and print it on any size of your choice, depending on how big you want to hang it on the wall. Ask the staff for the best size to print because there are photos that won’t look beautiful if printed in big form rather a small one.

Here we come to an end of sunroom wall art discussion of how to do it yourself by Homecarabout.

What can you say over this? Can you do it yourself too and which type of art would like to hang in your room? Drop your comment below.

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