Grounded: How To Make Your Chair Rail And Wall The Most 

Chair rail remains the best option for dining table joint, office and other sitting chairs that are related (are close to the wall which if the chair is shift/drove back, it will start damaging and shading the wall and it a short period of time, turn to unattractive looking).

We shall be discussing the painting of chair rail, but before then lest talk on the shakers and pegs which the type of the chair uses.

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The chair rails use shakers and pegs which make it possible to move and stay around the table attached only. You can’t move more than the length of the pegs of the chair.

Painting chair rails

In our house office, we decide to change the looking of our chair rails and the under. It is so rough and has been a while since last we paint it. If you view the chair rails well, you will understand notice their pegs and shakers which guided it from shifting/moving long more than it made length. That’s the purpose of the whole chair rail.

Painting chair rails

A classic type of chair is really interesting and I like it they type of most than the other type. There are different colors of the chair and that’s what will determine the future painting type you will need in the future to repaint it.

That is nothing, but you can still consider that since you must repaint it after some years of use and if you don’t, there is a possibility of looking ugly.

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I said ‘you must repaint/renovate it because if the chair color suddenly changed after years of use, you won’t feel comfortable when someone from outside comes over to your office because it is not looking good unless if you are the only person using it at the house.

Painting chair rails

While before we discuss painting the chair rails, let us know the major colors of chair rails (the most popular color). See them below;

– Chair rail of two-color type

This kind of chair rail is made and designed with only two major colors which one is the part of the chair where people seat, while the other color is the top where you keep your properties on. This is the most used chair rail type.

Peoples prefers thing with a combination of color and that sometimes match with other properties in the room (dining room, office).

– Chair rail of one-color type

This kind of chair rail is made of only one color and they are mostly white color. Sometimes, they are warm or a combination of other colors. That doesn’t mean there are no other colors, in fact, I have seen brown-chocolate color before in friends’ houses I have been before.

Painting chair rails

And then about the important topic, the chair rail painting must be reviewed and examined with other things in the room destination. You should not just head to paint with any color, it is a must thing for you to review it first before thinking of getting any other thing down.

The process will require you to firstly study and understand the paint color of the properties in the room such as the wall of the room, door, or any other thing. Know exactly which type of color paint is used on those daily use pieces of stuff in the room.

After then, sit down and think of which color will suit and match one of those stuff colors, especially the wall.

Doing that might consume your time and also be classified as a time waster and it is not at all. At this stage, you are expected to have chosen any color of your choice. You must not choose what matched it exactly and whatever kind you chose, just make sure it will make the room light and bright of mil.

Painting chair rails

About the kind of paint product, you should be able to ask the store you are willing yours from for a recommendation of which type, even not the color but the classification type should a quality one.

And here come to an end, what can you say over the chair rail painting? Drop your comment below.

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