How We Filled Holes In Sink Holes (Behind Granite Counters) For Soap Dispensers

After some months using our great new sink, we realized that there are holes behind the granite slyly which is most usually filled up with lotion dispensers and soap of any type we use. This got our attention and we suggested that the holes should fill.

soap dispenser granite countertop

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There are some two things in no top of the sinks near or even in the middle of the holes (they seem like buggers). They have been there since when our faucet fixtures are exchanged and that makes us feel that we aren’t longer in need of the four holes.

Can you (in your mind or under the comment section) guess why the buggers are there? They are there because there might be someone who will want to change the style of it with a separate sprayer and in-counter soap dispenser.

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Some days ago, we do use bottles of soap to cover the holes located at the sink. We got some recommendations from different angles that we should just seal up which is best and secure without any issue.

We think that there are is a possibility of changing our mind in the future just like we are trying to fill the holes now which we didn’t for the past months now and also, a home inspector might come through in the future.

And at last, we get an affordable solution. It cost $15. Lots of greeting to the Lowes’ babies.

After we bought it, we bring it from its package to see it well. It takes us a couple of times to screw the cover of the faucets into the hole’s place.

soap dispenser granite countertop

You must use your hands to screw it from two faces of the sink (up and down). We are able and allowed to remove the clutter of the countertop and that makes sure excited. We returned back Ms. Meyer to the sick (it known place).

If maybe the next person who wants to live in the house feels that the counter can be used to store soap, then that would be easy for him/her to hide the covers that we just installed.

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That’s one of the advantages of the company-made covers. It can be removed at any time you felt without the fear of damage or losing it completely. We like how it looks like before we changed our mind to cover it.

That’s almost how the process went through. The sink improvement service went well. It most simple and fastest project we have ever done and make it in written format. It requires nothing like tools or supplies talk less of kicking off the project. What is your view on this? Drop your comment below.

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