The Process: How We Obtain Moderate Molding Wall In Our Bathroom  

It is compulsory for us to thank you for always getting in touch with us in the different posts we have published, it is not at all easy to stay connected and read about our DYI’s and other things. Thank you once again, stay blessed.

While we are stuck on different other projects that have been on our board (crown molding in bathroom) for days now, we must not relent to work on others that we can complete and even be able to get them into writing.

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That is a big achievement throughout the times of our starkness on a different uncountable project we boarded as frontline ones. As many may have put theirs on paper on how it went through, that won’t stop or make us feel somehow that we shouldn’t, the space is big and in fact, we can never occupy it all.

crown molding in bathroom

Our room makeover might be going slowly, but trust me it is a steady and fashionable one. The wall molding of the bathroom suggestion seems like the best we could most especially if we consider the items list costs. In some of the updates on wall treatment, we decided to choose, are costly compared to the molding option.

In this compilation, we would like to break everything down that includes the most reliable information and even maybe the cost list.

The Decision of Molding Style

It doesn’t go as it starts and on the process after the decision. The first thing was that we decided on what to do and start the process over the room wall where we added some sort of molds at the fence wall. While we have not gone far, we started to think that it is overkilling due to the intricate one which at some point decides to leave the wall like that.

We didn’t actually because we think that if the wall is worked out, it would make the entire room looks elevated. Also, considering that my dear wife has touched some rooms when we started the project work which won’t be so easy for us to stop, live and move on.

crown molding in bathroom

I could remember that since we have been into the project of work of different room walls, we have ever made mistake or regret of doing so. It works out fine and amazing at last. So, that makes me feel nothing to border about the current crown molding in bathroom we decided on. It makes any space involve as architecture, particularly in a dimension that connects rooms in a building.

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Many kinds of wood wall treatments have arisen which you can choose any you want and let it goodness speak for you. It depends on which decide on, just like me now I and my dear wife suggest and review the best that is comfortable for both of us.

Once the mind and agreement of partners are met and it is affordable for both of them, to me they fund and start their decision and achievement their sweat dream home.

When I and my dear wife suggested the molding of the wall, we first the zeros behind the project and it was nothing more than two (that’s hundreds). Though it might differ base on the order or even season terms. Since it is all about will it work out? Can I achieve my target look after the molding? This should be your mind and guidance of what you plan to do.

crown molding in bathroom

The picture you see inspires us more about the wall makeover. I don’t the name exactly, but it is just like box molding. The picture seems like a direction on what we want to do, I like the style and how it is done. The thickness is more than what I even think molding may be at first.

Although it depends base on the available supplies if it is much and quality, the work is likely to be good and quality too and if it isn’t there is a high probability of not getting as expected.

Times keep riding on and we are still reviewing from crooks and angles of the wall treatment makeover options. It takes us more and this is because from here, we would further for material needed and supplies point.

That time seems like a busy moment of the project time. The surface might be the reason the picture project works out well and that makes me confirm and attest to that without further issue.

Our Materials and Supplies Review

The moments we always took finding out things that will work better, fair, or even less cost consideration pays back. Seeing how we always win the DYI work and arrived at is a grateful one should be happy for.

crown molding in bathroom

The types or set of trims, wood or remnant we normally order or get from stores matter on project result, we considered the following;

– Set of 8ft primed 1×4” boards for boxes construction

– Set of 8ft primed 1×6” boards to make our baseboard and crown style

– Some numbers of prime base cap molding for framing the needed parts.

The board photo you saw below was measured as 1×3”. It is the bunch that we got from a store. This would be used if we get another option of thing to do at home maybe. It won’t be that simple for us to go back to the store again.

And guess what? Base Camp is the best answer for our ongoing project. I recommend this for you on whatever kind of project you are doing if it relates to baseboards. This is used as a literal cap for baseboards. It is what we use as a double standard for the project.

Due to how it is used and consumed in different housing and construction projects, you might find it hard to get Base Cap in stores. But you can still find it out in different stores till you get it. Once you get it, I will suggest to you to get more, in fact, more than you examine it will be enough for you.

We went almost thrice to buy it and we couldn’t even get it the next day of the first day we bought it rather go to another store.

Apart from the wood classifications, we bought some other thing that includes;

– Nail Gun

– Miter Saw

– Plastic mixed paste for cracks/holes filling (Spackle). It is also known as a wood filter.

– Caulk (caulk gun)

– 4, 6 Foot Long Level, depends on your desire

– Tape Rule Measure Tool

– Stud Finder Sensor Wall

– Spackle Knife or Painters’ Tool

– High grit sanding block

– Painter’s Tape

– Jotting Material (Pen, Pencil, and Paper)

The power gigantic tools I listed and recommended might be somehow hard for you to get, it is not something to worry about. You can instead get the least ones that can be used alternatively to get your work done perfectly too. Even though you might not feel comfortable due to the lack of gigantic tools.

crown molding in bathroom

The truth is that the big listed tools would make your work fast, easy, more smooth, and convenient at a point. The cutting stage seems to be the most work among others because you will need to trim and cut most of the baseboard and other forms of wood.

Action Stage: Installing the Wall Treatment

As stated in the heading, we have arrived at the action stage of the crown molding in bathroom. This is among the hard-working stage where you will apply energy and time to do the work. At this same stage, there are plumber workers who will come to deliver their services too.

This makes us work on a very tight deadline. We are affected due to the fact that they are blocking the walls while on the work. We are so slow at this stage of the project.

At this crucial point, the floor of the room was just tiled just a day before the installment of the wall treatment took to space. That is even the reason why our mortar was not completely set up. It seem like a disappointing day for us as we couldn’t walk through the last complete tiles. We instead stay in the room.

Despite this, we still carried the measure of what we could. We use a big tape used by painters from the tile part that has dried well and there is no issue. We were so tired at that moment and thinking of having some rest.

But still, we didn’t and continue rather and we were even able to accomplish some point as you see. It was not easy though throughout the day. We made both the chair rail and vertical starts to be 1.4” boards and nailed them using our nail gun together with 1.5” nails too.

The horizontal board’s stage is like a critical point however hit studs to scale through. While the vertical stage, I don’t want the placement to be set or examined by anything related to studs, and that makes me not worry about it.

Normally in this kind of project, most people have decided or prefer to use a liquid nail or even glue for it. We tried our best to avoid them or anything related to that. This is because there are cases whereby the next person to live in the house or even you might decide to remove them and that will cause a lot of damages to the drywall.

crown molding in bathroom

The best thing is to avoid using it in the future. But still, you are the owner and permanent user of the house, you can do such at your risk because am sure one day, you might feel tired of using it and also want to change it.

That would be where the battle will rise and you might find it hard to overcome the issue most especially as the stuff cost are getting higher daily without coming down. The major tools I consider using instead of the future risk ones are nails + caulk and paint at the finishing stage.

The paint applied to boards makes it more adhesion. It is not necessary to use the paint and might be safer to even live it without painting it, most especially if you know that you will hang stuff like a mirror, or something related to it in the future.

The crown and baseboards; 1×6” boards are applied to the ceiling and floor. There are edges of boxes that are opened; we use the said “Base Cap” pieces to frame each. And we use mitered cuts in each of the comers too which makes it professional and standard. That is why Base Cap is so much used in many kinds of this projects.

Before we move forward, let me quickly inform you of some of the important things learned on the project installation;

– Don’t let your baseboards and crown pieces to be interrupted and to do this, you should install them first

– Followed by the vertical slats in each room corner. You can do so too against the frames of the window/door

– After the first two procedures, move to next to the horizontal chair rail and install it

– Next attached are the vertical slats that remain which will give you the option to create your decided final boxes

– Then the final is to trim each of the created boxes using the Base Cap

That doesn’t mean you must follow and do yours following the listed procedures, you can do whatever you feel comfortable in as much it won’t cause any future further problems. Make sure you review your desired step before doing it. Oh, we forgot to add the ceiling part, you should decide that on your own.

The Height To Be Figure Out And Spacing

This is one of the important steps in our molding project. At this moment, the readers may have been waiting to know about how we figure out the boxes height. It makes us confused too for some moment, but at last, find a way out.

crown molding in bathroom

I started by determining the room to be 1/3rd so that we would be able to figure the height at last. When I measured the ceiling sometimes ago, I found out that it is 8 feet tall and 32” would something around 1/3rd. Still that doesn’t make our final guide, we did it in a smidge higher form (which from the top is 38” and that is 1×4” chair rail).

We backed our calculation with this; we will require both the vanity and chair rail top in a pleasing way. While we consider that the chair rail should not too low nor high to avoid gab.

Also, we are against the weird way of cutting the chair rail that can lead to seeing it publicly. Up to this point, we haven’t installed the vanity, so that allows us to carefully install it whereby it will surely hit the chair rail at the right point. I make cross-cheeked well, in fact twice to avoid so that it won’t badly hit other objects in the room.

Moreover, the spacing of the vertical slats should be figured. Our boxes are naturally either narrow or wide; depending on the particular place you lay it on/above. The boxes of the room shouldn’t be created equally rather look on each side wall differently to know and be able to determine the spacing aspect.

That should be done on the very sidewall, don’t be tired or lazy of checking on each unless if they are opposite and don’t have any obstacle that might differ them. This doesn’t make your work look good only, rather make it well centered and balanced.

Before getting to know about the space aspect, some of the boxes went bad whereas some are big and others tight (small). That makes us feel worried but can’t change or redo rather than live it like that since it is not that bad and may even damage the board if attempt to do so. So it is better to live the boxes like that or try to adjust them small without causing damage to it.

crown molding in bathroom

If we repeat the same error of box spacing we made in the first room, the same result box spaces differences would have happened again in the other room. But we didn’t let that happen, we corrected it in the next room. Checking and reviewing each side of the wall is the best thing, not random doings to cut the boards.

Caulking and Hole Filing

This might seem somehow to you as long the molding of the bathroom wall project is taking long, lol. It is just that everything is widely opened and explained for the betterment of you. It’s coming to an end already.

This process is a kind whereby the holes and scratches created while nailing would be all filled up in such a way that one might not know that there is something there before if not told. This process requires a particular substance known as “SPARKLE”, though there are related that are used.

While Caulking is similar to filling holes but slightly different. it is a process whereby joints are sealed together using sealing materials.

They are almost the same, but the only difference here is that holes (filled) and joints (sealed) and also the substances used to differ. This step is worth it, it is the only way to make the wall molding look standard. It doesn’t cost much, just a little token to obtain the substances. Make sure you consider this at the end.

Budget Breakdown

This might not be considered as part of the molding process, but it is useful and worthy too. It is a process whereby you wrote down all the supplies needed, determine (ask or research) about the amount and calculate altogether.

crown molding in bathroom

We wouldn’t talk more about this because the current costs of stuff now are not normal since the outbreak of the pandemic and other factors too. So this should be done since I have given the logic of doing so.

If you are unable to find out the number of stuff, you can estimate it based on your experience, logic, and determination. Still, if you find that hard to, you can as much as you can guarder and save much money that can completely make your order possible.

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