The Ikea Edland Bed (Our Way of Organizing)

It is out of our thought as we welcomed or new bed Ed which most people know as Ikea Edland Bed. It is a product of Ikea and that’s why we called it like that.

We have set it and organized the bed as we want; in fact, it is used to sleep in the last night. We won’t forget to extend our gratitude and honor greeting to Skorva steel for the support beam. The Ikea’s own can’t be even written as theirs is compulsory as the role for the bed goodness.

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Ikea edland Bed

The bed is more than what one could expect, it has the strength and ability weight to occupy over tens of dead people (which means it is a heavy mattress), 2 other enthusiasts weights (they are DIY) together with a little girl that came in for her breakfast.

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The process of bed construction can be classified as easy. The remarkable part is that I did it only without the support of my dear wife. She couldn’t join me at that time due to heavy pregnancy and all the way, I started and complete it myself. I followed all the guiding instructions as directed by Ikea.

Ikea edland Bed

That’s why I could not get many photos down on the process due to the fact that I was the only one working and on one near that could capture me all the while. But still, I try my best to get the little I was able to.

I could remember one instruction by Ikea I followed and it requires your partner action “Honey, fetch me my screwdrivers”, but my dear wife wasn’t near as I said earlier, so I have to keep what am holding aside and bring the screwdrivers myself. The next instruction was saying I should come along with the non-complete (ongoing constructing bed) frame on our carpet ride.

Ikea edland Bed

Yes, without doubt, the moment is like an image life of something during the time I contacted Ikea to order Swedish meatballs but unfortunately, they employ or get people for delivering of food walking.

That got me surprised and no one among them come to pass. It sounds so amazing and I didn’t do anything, instead, I screwed another in. As are seeing the Ikea below, I can’t express how it looks incredible.

Ikea edland Bed

Along the process, my dear wife became someone useful at a certain point. She was able to support me at the wrangling stage where we wrangled the mattress together with her.

We wrangled it onto the frame, though it was someone hard to us. It makes me feel tired suddenly and was so happy since we could do it. The mattress is far extremely good-looking than it was before on the floor and we have been using it like that still.

Despite the fact that we are aware and know that there are some sorts of things we need to do in the bedroom, that doesn’t border us actually because of the excitation of the Edland Bed. It is our first time and we are so happy that we would no longer sleep on the floor that we have been for some couple of days now.

I could not really define or express the happiness of the fact that our sleeping has suddenly changed in the last days (since we settled up the Ed) compare to over years we were using Malm.

Ikea edland Bed

The Edland Bed changed our sleeping story and got us much unheeding happy for some days of start using.

I remember the Malm we admire before in years back in the olden days of our old house. It was also convenient for me and my dear wife to climb and drop down and it is something worth being happy for.

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There are some people who might not get it comfortable for them to climb and drop due to maybe their shortness or tallness.

I don’t have to border again, our only pet can climb the bed too without the need of a chair or lift as you we usually did before in the olden times. The Ed change also changes his situation not only us, lol.

Ikea edland Bed

And about the work waiting for us in the bedroom, there is a decision about changing our fan over future ceiling issue even though it can still be used for some coming days without fear of incredible problem most especially in the middle of winter.

The next is the painting of the bedroom which we are thinking of combination we should use. While the last thing we suggest among the future thing to get changed or repaired in the bedroom was the duvet.

Ikea edland Bed

If we are able to get our size the duvet, the one we are using will be taken to the guest room and it will be a useful tool.

And here we come to the end of Edland Bed of Ikea, can you do yours too without any fear or issue. What is your recommendation or view of the Ed process?

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