The Process: How I Build-In My Standby Fridge With Cabinet And Have More Space In Kitchen

The unbeatable and untold story of how the kitchen will look amazing if your refrigerator is build-in. It makes the kitchen convenient for use since there will be additional space.

If your long or weight fridge is kept inside the kitchen, you will notice well that it consumes some sort of space among the available that one can work freely with any form of tight or force.

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This fridge built-in requires cabinet and sort of carpentering home supplies to make them work smoothly possible on the final day. The cabinet should look just like other used ones in the kitchen to make it completely match without color differences.

over refrigerator cabinet

While ordering for your cabinet, you might decide to order for your exact fridge size (which will not require cutting and edging if arrived) or just a random size that can overcome the length of your fridge (the tall or wide).

For the starting point, we get a two-piece size of 4’ x 8’ plywood. This was confirmed that it is the type of cabinet used by pros even when constructing a kitchen with the build-in fridge ordered. The store helps me to cut the wood in their “cutting section area” and it is exactly the size I told them to be.

over refrigerator cabinet

That’s a great customer-do job they did to me and it was kind of help to because I don’t need to border myself of doing so dextrally which will consume my time and energy too.

After that, we prepare to move the planks and other supplies home but unfortunately were unable to do so due to their weight. So we suggest renting their affordable truck which takes the loads to home for us and we paid the complete amount of money including the rental fee which causes around $130.

over refrigerator cabinet

I suggest trimming the wood edge to make sure it looks moderate. As usual, I brought out my Kreg Jig which is always used to punch some holes on wood where needed and it mostly works out fine.

Though sometimes you might miss it, at least I always got it well and standard. I punched the holes at the edge and also use sandpaper to clean up some scratches and make it look smooth.

over refrigerator cabinet

While I want to set the plywood piece with trimmed wood together, I get them at the contact point and screw them at the edges. Sometimes, I do make another hole apart from the first hole I pouched before, which will give me the chance to insert the special Kreg clamp into it.

That is an intelligent thing to do most especially if you want to clamp a piece of wood. You can also get someone to tightly hold the edges part for you so screw. It takes some moment to get that done since I have trimmed, sanded, and then eventually clamp and screwed the plywood piece together all.

over refrigerator cabinet

Then move to the attachment of the cabinet to the trim, but that makes me think wisely first before I get a solution to make that workout without having an issue and at the same time I don’t want the trim to stay behind.

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At first, since I want the opening part to be slightly wider than the fridge which will make it comfortable for use, and to make that possible, I have to add two other scrap wood (one at the cabinet front and attached the other at the back). All the scrap woods are added in such a way so as to make sure it can’t be publicly seen if installed.

As you can see, the cabinet is stetted and it stays well without bending in either of any sides. If those scrap woods aren’t screwed before, they would have bend (stay behind) and we don’t want such to happen after we finished working.

over refrigerator cabinet

One thing you should note about the cabinet attachment is that we did not make a move in doing so; instead, we make sure everything is set inside and then move it into the kitchen. One among the plywood piece is screwed already to the cabinet.

The other side was brought inside, clamp and make sure everything is checked first and screwed them together. A spare board was then attached so that it will support it (back to front) at the standing point and if that is not done, it might fall at the stand. We stand it up and everything was fine straightforward without issue.

At this point, we are preparing to screw it completely into the wall. One must make sure it stands well to avoid falling on someone or something, apart from that, it might even break/damage some part even if it falls directly down. The best thing is to make sure you however support it with whatever you can since it is just temporal.

over refrigerator cabinet

When we raise it to stand, we realize the bottom needs to be supported and we did so with a plank of wood. In some cases, you might still need someone to hold it for you (because you might be feeling afraid and that is nothing bad).

We slid the fridge into it and smoothly get into it. This is the result of measuring your fridge well and accurately. It helps a lot in this field. If your fridge measurement is extremely poorly measured and the wood is cut directly from the store, you might be at risk of losing it because it fridge might not be slid into it due to size portability differences.

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That doesn’t mean you are done with your build-in fridge but near. There is still a need for paneling (if needed), painting, and adding trim if need also. You might consider or choose something else on your wish to add more, just make sure it won’t affect the wood installation.

over refrigerator cabinet

It looks so much good and upgrade. We just upgrade our fridge from a normal to a build-in version and it works without any problem. If you can clearly look upon the first photo of the fridge and how we turn it too, you will understand that the build-in is worth doing no matter how much it might cost you.

That should never border you if you are available to fund or you can find an affordable for yourself that will your kitchen looks modern. Most wives prefer this to the un-build-in one.

over refrigerator cabinet

And here we come to the build-in fridge constructing end, what can you do over this? Can you do it yourself without any issue? Drop your comment below.

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