How We Removed Our Linen Closet Door To Make It More Opened

When I saw a picture of shelves and baskets openly on my friend’s WhatsApp status I was so curious about it. The next thing that comes to my mind is the linen closet door of our bathroom. I was thinking of removing the door which turns it looks freely opened.

We think of using a kind of stylish baskets to restructure and turn our tight (inconvenient) closet to perfect functional shelving that can be open well without the issue of being claustrophobic just like it is now.

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We are so tired of using the so-closed stuff. We want to upgrade and turn it into an open living one. One of my neighbor’s bathroom closet that is made up of no door (doorless) motivates me more.

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I think the reason why the closet door is not working perfectly for us is maybe the bathroom door and linen closet door are so tight (there is not enough distance between them) and as a result of that, there must be always serious war among them. We don’t want that. It has been a long time since we started experiencing the incident which makes us feel so tired of it.

Linen closet doors

After some moment of thinking about the linen door, I just move further get a screwdriver, hammer, crowbar, and head directly to the door. I off it and the jamb of the door too.

The reason why I remove the door jamb is that it will make the opened closet look professional and more like built-in shelving noon. It will not directly show that we made the linen closet a doorless one.

You might realize that I was the only one handling the work; dear wife is busy with something else there. I removed anything that might show that there is a door before. I caulk each of the holes (both the screws and mistakenly created ones). I also removed the latch of the door.

I painted the wall of the bathroom’s soothing tan to the nook using the same color (Glidden’s Sand White) it was before. I realized that the frame of the door and even the shelves need to be painted too and I did that immediately with a crisp glossy white.

I didn’t buy another new basket, rather use the ones there before (they are basically used for sheets and towels and even added some sort of storage alternatives which are (two white Ikea planters for nail polish and toothbrushes).

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The toilet paper looks beautiful in the new place I changed for it. We got two more baskets which be kept on the closet floor and it will use to keep towels.

Linen closet doors

Here we come to the end of the linen closet doors, what is your view over this? Can you do it yourself too? Though am not sure if anyone loves the open closet, can you live it with or do you think the door close ones is better since something might be kept secret without exposing out publicly? Drop your comments below.

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