How We Make A Ceiling Light From A Lamp Shade With Diffuser

Since the day I knew about the lampshade with a diffuser, I have been admiring it in mind up to the date I conclude my mind for the existing lighting fixtures that are in our house. But before then, I bought my lampshades which will be used for the process.

Here are the materials I obtained for the whole process of the ceiling light diffuser shade;

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– Big Lampshade (the one in the picture might no longer be available in store since it has been a while)

– Acrylic Lighting Panel

– Masking tape (the good thick one is more recommendable)

– Sharpie (the less thick – thin is more recommendable)

– Sturdy Scissors (some people might think of using their usual scissors along the process instead of obtaining another new one, that is not advisable because the usual scissor blade will surely nick. So get another one and don’t use that).


ceiling light diffusers panels

The project cutting process should be done while sitting on a hard floor surface (like a hunk of concrete or a free non-contain yard which you can easily get off dirties after.

We proceeded by removing the existing light glass hemisphere. There was a rod we found beneath that might probably work for the new pendant (we obtained) hanging process.

Attached the shade to the exact area of the existing light fixture in the ceiling and used an ornament in holding it well. The ornament used was gotten from the previous light we removed.

Tracing Process

Firstly spread the Acrylic Lighting Panel down on the floor. Make sure the floor is at least smooth without dust or tiny particular that might affect the Acrylic surface. Then place the lampshade on the Acrylic surface and use your pen to trace the inner part of it.

Tear a piece of tape and use it to mark the seam that is in the shade. This is not a mus, but you will probably need it later while preparing to trim an edge. ‘


Proceed by taping all over the line. Make sure you press the tape well so that it would hold the acrylic well. The tape will help you while cutting to avoid high tense chipping and also when you insert the acrylic inside the lampshade.

Drawing process

Double draw the line (draw another line apart from the one you have traced before). Remark the original line again on top of the tape so that you can be able to identify and trace while cutting, but the new line color should differ from the first one by using another kind of pen.

Cutting process

At this stage, you must be careful, or else the acrylic might spoil and your effort will vanish. Once you mistakenly cut the acrylic, it will be hard to be useful again. Cut slowly exactly the new line marked using the scissors.

Insertion process

You will insert your acrylic inside the lampshade. Be conscious of the acrylic chipping while inserting. You will firstly lay the acrylic over the shade to confirm its size cut matched. You can trim if rightly find it necessary to do so. Let the mark correspond with the seam in the shade because the lampshades are accurately round shapes.

Set the acrylic opened and indirectly insert the cut circle into the lampshade till the upper edge turned to under the shade lip. Don’t apply force on the acrylic on the process, particularly at the edge point (there is a tendency of it chipping if forcedly inserted).

At this point, the acrylic is expected to have been into the lampshade. Then, keep pushing the acrylic slowly to the inner part of the lampshade to avoid chipping. When you finally put it inside, then remove the masking the pate from acrylic.

Use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish to erase any sharpie line that shows outside even though it affects the acrylic/plastic shining status or even start smelling like the substance.

ceiling light diffuser replacement

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Here we come to an end on how we make a ceiling light from a lamp shade with diffuser, what can you say over this? Drop your comment below.

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