5 Vaulted Ceiling Curtains Hanging Ideas 

Vaulted ceilings structures are far different from the other type of ceilings and that’s why hanging a curtain can be somehow problematic for you, most especially if you don’t have any idea about it.

Sometimes, house owners find it hard for them to attach the rod of a standard wall-mounted curtain in kind of house that has no or low space in between a big window and the wall.

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vaulted ceiling window curtains

That’s why if you tried to install a curtain rod in a kind of non-well or straightforward ceiling structure (like slanted ones), you will notice that the fabric panels would start sliding down in the future, probably within a short time of installment.

In this article, we would be looking forward to discussing the simple way for the vaulted ceiling curtains installment and the kind of supplies that might be needed for a better experience.

– Firstly, you have to figure out the actual direction that your ceiling joists were created on with the best tools known as a stud finder.

drapes for vaulted ceiling

You might probably find that the curtain crosses the joist, and then you need to balance the joists so that the process can be comfortably done (it will help the joist in holding a weighable material). Screw a header or one-by-two wood strip into the joists with a low-inch screw of wood.

While if everything determined for the drapes run well across the joist, you will still need to use one in holding the panels’ weight.

vaulted ceiling drapes

In case you are thinking of ordering the medium or big fabric (that has weight) for direct drywall, then try to use something on top before moving forward for the screwing process. You can use something like the drywall anchors.

– Get a good and quality curtain that is long and can reach the side. You should measure the height starting from the floor to the ceiling so that the curtain can be comfortably used at any angle and design you want.

Don’t forget to leave some extra space (at least 3 inches in addition to the measured length) so that the curtain will fit well.

vaulted ceiling curtain rod

– Get the measurement and figure of the tabs, the curtains ties distance. Screw the hooks for each header and make sure that there are spaces in between them (of at exactly three inches).

The distance between the tabs and hooks should differ by exactly three inches, no matter the distance inch you decided to use. Then move forward and loop tabs over the hooks and also hang the curtain.

Here are some curtains recommended for the vaulted ceiling;

1. Deconovo Black Blackout Curtains

Deconovo Black Blackout Curtains

These kinds of curtains are suitable for vaulted ceilings. They are mostly completely black, but some come with little and simple designs. The Deconovo black blackout curtains will surely fit the vaulted ceiling.

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2. Exclusive Home Curtains

Exclusive Home Curtains

Exclusive home curtains are two-step curtains with different two materials (the underneath with thick and real color material, while the top material is fair and non-bold).

They come with different color combinations, but each relates with one another like if the underneath is pink, the top one will be light-pink.

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3. Wallpapered Curtains

Wallpapered Curtains

These kinds of curtains are designed with a different kinds of beautiful and matching wallpaper. They look good in determining hang places, even though unfamiliar people might not identify it as curtain quickly from the far except if they came near.

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4. Décor Curtains

Décor Curtains

Décor curtains are decorative kinds of curtains that brighten the place they are used. It comes in a different combination of beautiful and matched colors and flowers design.

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5. Piece Curtains

Pieces Curtains

A piece with curtain sound somehow right? Yeah, that’s how they are. They are mostly a combination of different kinds of material colors.

The colors include blue, orange, pink, pitch, green, but most of the colors are fairly light and the curtain’s quality and thicknesses too are lightly fair.

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Here we come to an end on 5 Vaulted Ceiling Curtains Hanging Ideas , what can you say over this? Drop your comment below.

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