6 or 4: How We Chose The Best Height For Our Granite Backsplash

Even though the 6-inch granite backsplash has been underrated by some people, it doesn’t stop us from considering our own for a makeover.

When we headed to the store to buy some materials for our ongoing home makeover, we reached the granite backsplash and suddenly we were contemplating on which size we should go for.

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We have to buy both 4 and 6 so that we could deeply made experiments and research on them after we are back home.

The size was not even the problem until after some people started classifying it as outdated which is automatically not correct. The backsplashes for the kitchen are not just design (aesthetic appeal) which most people see it as.

6-inch granite backsplash

It serves as functional protection for your good-looking kitchen. Sometimes, food substances plashes unexpectedly while in the kitchen, and that granite backsplash serves as the protector which turns back the food substance, including other non-food substances like grease that are sometimes applied on machines to soften their uses capability.

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It makes the wall like an already prepared surface for easy and quick cleaning. Thankfully, we installed 6 inches and we are comfortable with it.

Our 6 Inch Granite Backsplash Installment
The 6-inch granite backsplash is just like a choice to us looking forward to how classical it is.

The backsplash can make your wall room is easy since it is somehow height and would cover some spaces which you will complete the remaining wall space that’s above the six-inch granite. It doesn’t matter about the height of the granite inch you decided to choose, what matters more to me is even the simplicity and appearance of it.

6-inch granite backsplash

Different heights are starting from 4 to 6 inches, you can choose your favorite color that would be easy for you to install. Considering the tile you will like to use above, you know the more the height of the granite backsplash is, the fewer tiles you will install above it if you wish to.

If the height is small, then you will use more tiles whenever you decided to add the above granite.

Our 6 Inch Granite Backsplash Cleaning Exercise

Since it also serves as a wall and a protector to the wall, you must be taking care of it regularly so that it would be looking more fresh and attractive for years.

The good news about the granite backsplash is that “it can be cleaned up in less than 2-5 minutes. It might be dirty in a very short time, most especially in the winter season where dust can easily get into the rooms through windows and doors, but you don’t have to worry about the cleaning exercise as you can do in little time that doesn’t matter in your day.

Just get your warm clean water with your good detergent and cloth or something like a rag, insert it inside the water, remove it out and tight it so that the water will rinse down.

6-inch granite backsplash

Then apply it to the granite and start cleaning the dust move it around. Insert it back into the water and repeat the same things. That’s all.

Other Things You Need To Know About The Our 6 Inch Granite Backsplash Installment

Is Our 6 Inch Granite Backsplash Installment Removable?

Absolutely yes, you can do so at any moment you wish. It is a machining material not like the fragile ones that can’t be subjected to removal. Although it might be the removal process can be limited by the owners of the house.

The removal process is not a harder task to do. There is a need for some little tools with a tactical process which we shall discuss on and that’s why it consumes less time.

How Can You Remove Glued Installed Granite Backsplash?

After maybe much thinking and debate about your granite backsplash and concluding on removing it, you should not go direct without guidance on how to do that because you may end up doing things wrongly.

The size was not even the problem until after some people started classifying it as outdated which is automatically not correct. The backsplashes for the kitchen are not just design (aesthetic appeal) which most people see it as.

It might be possibly not removing it completely rather changing granite or replacing it with something else.

Some people have already been thinking about the granite removal process that it is hard, while it is not. You must be careful throughout the backsplash process so that the main wall under it would not damage.

Wrapping the countertop is somehow important, but if you could not that is not something to border on or stop you to continue.

You can use an old magazine or newspaper to wrap on the counter that is old and would not be useful anymore. Get your box knife which you will be using in stripping the caulk and trim off the edge sides of the backsplash (including the joint of the counter).

6-inch granite backsplash

After stripping away all the caulk from each side, the backsplash will remain at the wall since it is not pried yet. Get a putty knife which you will use in prying the backsplash from the wall.

Don’t rush yourself starting from the first point of removing caulk and trims, all the tools using you are using is a knife – a sharp object that can easily wound you.

Apart from that, if you are careful while on the stripping process, you will end up causing damage to the wall or the backsplash which is very wrong and not supposed. Unless you are willing to damage it. But still, you can’t escape even small damage on the wall since you are applying a knife to it.

Is 6 Inch Granite Backsplash Outdate?

As claimed, the granite backsplash is outdated which is not true. I have said earlier now that the 6-inch backsplash can be modernized even if you fall into the trap and feel it is outdated which enables it to turn to a fresh and good-looking one.

6-inch granite backsplash

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Here we come to an end on our 6-inch granite backsplash experience, what can you say over this? Can you use a 6-inch granite backsplash or do you think it is outdated and can’t longer be used with a countertop? Drop your comment below.

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