The Good Lovely-Hook Rail We Used For Mudroom

For the past years, we have started and completed over three different DYI hook rails. They are not that hard to install, but they are extremely useful. Our first and the second bathroom were done some years back, while the third is the one we shall be discussing in this article.

Before we continue, you need to know that there are projects listed here that are so easy to install (do it yourself) and that doesn’t mean they aren’t useful or worth spending time on. They are very useful and can satisfy your need. There easy way of installing doesn’t imply its usefulness and satisfaction.

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The hook rail might be seen or remarked as a simple thing for one to do. Their usefulness in the house, particularly the laundry/mudroom is very high. We use it to hang our cloth, both dirty and the ones we just washed.

Sometimes if we are back at work, training, or somewhere else, we do change our cloth and at that time, the hook rail is very useful to hang the cloth.

Mudroom wall hooks

There are different kinds of hook rail that are installed in different places that include homes or offices. They are used for different purposes like hanging cloth, coats, jewelry, bag, or even key.

The property you want to use it for will determine the size you should buy. Just like big, it is particularly for things that are big and have weight (cloth, suit, etc). While the small hook-rail is used for small and light-weight things (key, jewelry, etc). One hook-rail might come along with 4-6 spots with 2-3 nailing/screwing holes.

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They are mostly not long in terms of distance between one spot to another and that makes the hook-rail spot crowded when more things are hung on it.

That’s why when we decided to install more hanging appliances on the house wall of the laundry/mudroom, we understand that using a normal hook-rail is too small. It will look puny on the wall if installed for the hanging storage aspect. So, the gold and marble single hooks come to my mind first.

Mudroom wall hooks

This is how the wall looks like on the makeover progress. It is not yet concluded at the time. We got the hook-rails some months ago quickly because we don’t have the plan of buying and using it before.

We hurriedly got them during the wintertime because we are uses coats and purses at that time and we don’t have where to hang them, so that make us no option rather than to buy and install them like that.

Later after some months, we were thinking of buying more hook-rail and install to balance, right?

But there are some issues behind doing this;

i- Firstly, installing the hooks in studs form is what I admire more. The anchor style is good, but in this situation of hook-rail spot, I don’t think it should be because a time will come whereby children will want to pull away a towel or throw up a large beach bag which could lead to the removal of the hook from the wall.

Mudroom wall hooks

And if hooks are only installed at studs, it would them look random with some little distance in between. The problem we faced here is that we were unable to get more available hooks. The space should be 16’ in between each other.

ii- The second thing is the wall is so big which anchoring can be used on it too. At the point of installing the hook, there are possibilities that the wall would require more force to break the space because of its nature. It will require a supply to install the hook-rail on the wall.

So, we think that the best solution for both considering issues is installing more rail. The rail is a primed board type and of size 1×4”. The primed ones are preferable and easy to use since they don’t require working on them. The size too is long and would cover the distance desired.

It is like the door molding project we did some times ago that sense aesthetically is involved. We steadily attached the studs using long screws.


We install the studs on every four sides of the wall and that is really interesting because we are now able to hang our hooks everywhere we want with available spaces. That is great. It will help us avoid problems we listed before because there will be enough spaces in between.

One thing you must adhere to when it comes to hook-rail installation; ensure that you level it, make sure you are installing on the studs not somewhere else (you can use a stud finder for that).

Mudroom wall hooks

Fill the screw/nail outer holes point using caulk or spackle element. If you have some amount of money to buy or order for paint, you can do so and repaint the particular torched place so that everything will become smooth, professional, and even matched the wall completely. That means the paint color must be the same as the wall one.

Adding some caulk element to the hooks before attaching it to the world would help it stays well and wouldn’t even be spinning within the screws/nails. You might decide not to add the caulk around the back of the hook before attaching, but there is a high possibility that it will be twisting around the sides.

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Some people might worry about if they want to remove the hook (which maybe damages the rail), it would not and that should never worry you. Whenever we want to remove or change it, we can remove it without damaging it because it is not a heavy adhesive.

Mudroom wall hooks

And that’s how the project looks like. If you can recall, we reveal that the project is not hard, cheap, and doesn’t consume much time. It doesn’t mean that is not useful or something related to that. It is just how the hook-rail and the studs are, that is its nature.

The hook-rail are so much useful in house or office, most especially during the winter that people wears a coat and another form of cloth that can be hung around.

What can you say over this? Did you think the hook-rail studs are usable? Drop your comment below.

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