How We Converted Wood Burning Stove To Fireplace From Makeover Process

Today marks half a year since we opened and start living in this our current house. We could not even believe that as the days are running fast, but the date proves us wrong. We wrote down the actual date somewhere and that’s what cleared our doubt.

The wood stove we found in the house kitchen was lit and we feel it would be very hard for us to leave. It might be hard for us to miss the stove. The people who live in the house before confirmed to us that the woodstove is somehow too smoky and the black dust rampages the surfaces nearby.

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Can you convert a wood-burning stove to a fireplace?

Yes, you can and it is very possible with the help of your chimney. But turning/converting a wood burning stove to a gas-burning type is not possible and shall not be advisable even if you can.

You can only turn it into a fireplace. Most of the wood stove’s interior is constructed with combustion that is safe for use in the house.

From the appearance of the stove, it looks that they used it much for a long time. That makes us think of converting the wood burning stove to a fireplace and it would be useful for us in both the kitchen and the living room.

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Our dear child makes us kick off soon. The blistering hot wood of over thirty years old of the burning stove is more than any know or future benefit. We started living in the house during the winter period and that force us to maintain the wood.

Our child was still eyeing the metal edges of Bart something worthy despite the fact that we try out best to redirect and turn away her attention from it. We felt so anxious because the child was staying most around.

We seriously warned against going and staying around the place, while there are places. Why are you staying around the scorching hot surface that is made of sharp metal? You know how dangerous is and the worst part is that the stove hasn’t been used for some years. It was last tested or used before we, your parents are born?

Forget about the kid-playing act, we have seen different people that like burning stove of wood and still they have children’s with them. It is like Bart is not good for us and it seems weird to our child.


The child has once (without fear) opened the door of the stove and even put it in his hand. The child touches inside before we were aware and remove off the child’s hand. We feel so angry over the sharp metal (that we even described as dirty one) and we aren’t using it ourselves. That got us fed seriously.

We didn’t hastily act even though we were fed up for some moment over the wood-burning stove and instead do something rightful. We closed up the doors using a kid-proof lock and keep a form to some part of the stove.

We also blocked a way the child can get near to the stove using a baby gate. That’s the rightful thing we can do if not removing and taking it away out of the house or even in the house, somewhere we can peaceful hide it in and that is some big (which could even damage the stove parts entirely).

This makes us realize that setting/building up something like a moat near the kinds of stuff we aren’t using or abandoned is highly recommendable.

Convert wood burning stove to fireplace

It is better than doing this often just like we did now to keep the child off from the area of the wood stove. And if for instance, we decided to remove the complete set up of the wood stove, we don’t even know where and how to start.

On the point of me checking the possible way to remove the wood stove, I was shocked and worried after seeing some bunch of wires at the side.

I was thinking that the wires are maybe connected to the electric connection setup of the house and that really makes me worried more.

But thankfully, it was so long that I discovered that the wires are for a fan connection to the backside which means no need to disconnect or do anything.

Convert wood burning stove to fireplace

As I thought before that it is an electrically connected wire, I would have traced and disconnected the wire from the joint point. I, at last, removed it completely and keep the wire aside.

One thing I found out again is that the wood stove is only attached to the house at the top right side of it. The top right side was like the chimney connector of the vent bolted tube and the best thing I could do is to take it apart.

Our hunch seems to be right and we are glad for that. The child stays in the place due to the bolts around. We are so sad seeing that the bolts are not easy for one to remove.

They are really hard to remove. Only one among the bolts looks soft that could be removed without much wrenching. My dear wife was like skinnier-armed which encourage her to try her best to. She keeps trying like she can be able to do it.

Convert wood burning stove to fireplace

I covered up myself; knuckle scraped and completely detached the Bart from the vent. It is just and more than effort is applied. Thankfully I finally detached the container out.

Vividly it is neither good before or after removing it. It even looks uglier now. I used some light hot water (warm) with soap to scrub the inside part of the Bart.

My dear decided to be the person who will hop the beast herself so that she would be able to scrub things and at the same time snap some low-key photos. The reasons I made the face are i- the soiled with soot that works well is somehow nasty, and ii- My throwback photos (years back) during my time in high school might surface the social media.

Convert wood burning stove to fireplace

Forget about the shorts aside, we have taken Bart to the dining room and that’s where our child most time goes. We might decide to craigslist or maybe give it away even though am not quite sure right if the Bart of a big size would be needed by anyone. But anyway, we will still acknowledge out with the craigslist link if it happens.

We hope in setting up a fireplace hopefully soon and it shall be a good latest version. We made a quick instance plan about it and here is how it goes; the fireplace paint would be charcoal color which will help to work out the stained in the brick interior.

The mantel must be considered too during the painting period. Already, we are currently learning about bright smooth surface and probably, we will rework our kitchen, and two is expected to be used on the wall.


As we are going gradually, the fireplace makeover might be stepping a little bit and that is our plan. We are looking forward to tiling, beefing, and even framing to increase the height possible up to the ceiling. All these are even apart from the other sides (right and light if you are by the opening-center side).

Convert wood burning stove to fireplace

The fireplace is our current priority and we shall try out best till where we end. So funny of my dear wife that she wants to be called for scrapping the big circular blotch which is attached with glue.

The glues used in attaching it to the brick are not easy at all even though the metal has been peeled off. The glue gummy it well more than we thought off.

Since you have been on DYI, have you ever removed anyway wood stove or maybe fireplace related before? Have you ever seen or come across any children who like the wood stove of their house more or like ours do? Can you give out a Big Bart if you have or would you consider it for craigslisting? If you were we that have a child that loves wood stove and in fact stay around it always? Drop your comment below.

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