5 Paddle (SUP) Board Storage Shed Ideas 

After constructing a quality stand up paddle board or getting one for yourself, the next thing that comes to your mind is how can you store and prevent it from damaging so that it would last long for you. It doesn’t worth watching your SUP while it is damaged due to lack of where to store it.

People who own stand up paddle (SUP) over the years have experiences damages of one to two before thinking or bordering to taking care of it.

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“SUPs are mostly made up of 10 or 12 feet long and that’s why most people who own and use it today find it hard in storing and protecting it against damage.

sup storage shed

Stand-Up Paddle Board is a weighable material that is estimated to be around 20+ pounds.

The SUP storage process has become something task for some people. Some people are confused about where or how to store their SUB; Ohh yeah, we shall be discussing that in this article including the recommended paddle board storage shed to obtain.

Where Can You Store Your SUP

As you might have thought on this, there are some certain places you should store your stand-up paddle in.

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Don’t make the mistake of storing or keeping your SUP everywhere you feel comfortable with because it might be possibly not suitable to the board nature.

Here are conditions of the place you should consider whenever you are storing your SUP;

– Avoid sunlight opened-place because it would discolor and damage the outmost of the shell of the “stand up paddle board”.

– Avoid a moisture environment because it slowly encourages the molding of the board shell.

paddle board storage shed

– Avoid a high-temperature place (that is always on extreme heat) as it can damage or affect the core material of the board.

Now, let’s talk about the recommended storage shed you can use for storing and protecting paddleboards.

Here are the recommended SUP board storage sheds;

1. Pelican Board Storage

Pelican Board Storage

Pelican stand-up paddle board storage is created in a bag form. You will just insert your SUP board after use, but make sure you follow and practice the above mention procedure to keep the board safer. Pelican boards are good and recommendable for protecting the SUP.

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2. Wooden Freestanding SUP Storage

Wooden Freestanding SUP Storage

This is a wooden-made SUP storage with the outstanding advantage of inserting up to two different SUP boards.

The storage can be kept on the floor without any fear of problem since there is wood under and the exact insertion places are between the middle of the storage structure. Some have more than the earlier said number of storage options.

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3. Ceiling & Wall Surfboard Storage

Ceiling & Wall Surfboard Storage

This kind of storage differs from the Wooden Freestanding Storage, but almost the same. They have only one storage insertion place that the SUP can be inserted into, unlike the Wooden that has up to and can be kept on the floor.

The ceiling and wall surfboard storage can be attached to either the ceiling side part or the wall side. But there are still some that have up to 2-3 too.

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4. Outdoor SUP Storage Shed

Outdoor SUP Storage Shed

Outdoor SUP storage sheds are storage shed are constructed containers that the SUP can be completely stored in without boarding of attaching the storage in either ceiling side part or wall. They are like building on their own.

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5. Double-Up SUB Storage

Double-Up SUB Storage

This kind of board storage is specifically constructed for one paddleboard. They are also kept on the floor. The insertion place is flat-looking up which means the board will be inserted inside fully comfortably without turning it by side.

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However, some tips would guide you on how to store and protect your SUP from damage.

This doesn’t collide with the storing place or shed, it is tips of how you can keep against damage caution even if you have a good and standard storing facility for it.

Tips To Take Care And Protect Your SUP

– Regular cleaning

Upon hearing this, I know some people have interpreted it as watching it from time to time. Absolutely NO, that is not what it means. What this is detailing is that whenever you are done using the stand-up paddle board, you should always try to rinse it with fresh water.

This will help you in keeping the paddleboard against dirty, salt, sand, or grime that might be decaying at the board shed. The freshwater doesn’t mean the water from the bitch or sea, freshwater from either well, tap, or any clean source.

paddle board storage building

– Level-up the SUP weight

While storing it in either shed storage or any convenient place, always make sure that the complete paddle board is kept on a surface.

Don’t make the mistake of hanging it always, most especially if the SUP is a big and heavyweight one because it might start shrieking that might lead to breaking since the board is not always placed and one side is ravaging on other.

If the particular place or storage shed you want to keep it in is a flat floor, you can use wide nylon beneath and then keep the board on top that is if you aren’t willing to keep it on the floor.

– Use of UV protection

This is a complete choice. It is never compulsory for SUP. You can spray UV protection on the board to protect it against UV light (sun).

– Easy access

Wherever you decide to store your SUP, always keep it in a convenient place so that you can easily access it once you intended to do so. Don’t pressure the paddle board and also yourself while trying to access it.

Moreover, some people feel or think of losing their stand-up paddleboard to culprits (theft). It’s a hurt situation for one to lose his SUP especially if high quality and expensive one. But still, there are some tips you can try to keep your SUV against theft. Here are they;

paddleboard storage garage

– Always try as much to keep your paddleboard off from people, visitors, or neighbors’ eyes at the house. If possible, your storage shed should be kept away from your living rooms.

– Position the SUP storage facility well, if possible key-guard it.

– You can use a lock design that is specifically for a SUP.

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Here we come to an end on 5 Paddle (SUP) board Storage Shed Ideas, what can you say over this? Drop your comment below.

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