How We Removed Our Old Sliding Shower Door

And we made up our mind to remove the sliding shower doors of our bathroom. The doors have been for a long time and we decided to remove them from the entire bathroom.

We have thought of the slide other. We have even scheduled many times for the shower doors, but unfortunately, we could not until today that I forcedly start and then my dear wife join me later.

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The tub was enclosed well to the extent that even a soft white fabric curtain can’t get.

They did it as well as planning for days ahead and even designed them around the lines of rust. Very huge amounts of caulk are used while working on the doors.

It is more than what one could think because the caulk was evens the only material that support the doors for hold and stay well. They are not very height.

Vintage shower doors

The first thing we did was pinch the doors out from their base at the bottom which will give chance to lift them away.

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The bottom was their destination base just like I said before and once they are swinging from the place; they can be easily taken away from their track. We actually removed the top frame and screws from all sides which makes it free from the wall.

There is much caulk used in the doors which much be scored and removed before we can proceed. We scored and scored repeatedly for some time.

When we scored and removed one piece of the caulk and it is not hopefully it doesn’t break (it form a stick), it looks like coated icing.

WARNING: Stop eating immediately! Stop eating immediately!! Stop eating immediately!!! Stop before you continue reading.

There was a scum (thick layer) that was not screwed which was been living for a long period of time under the frame bottom of the tub. We removed it using a flat razor, but we discover that there was a tasty side of 3D mildew and general nastiness.

Luckily, the holes that are punched when the frame was screwed were somehow small and that make it easy for us to caulk and fill it. We use silicone caulk to seal and smooth them, then hung back the curtain we can make it less visible. We realized at there was a caulk around the tub after moving near more.

The caulks around the entire are just missing out of their way (they are just scrapping down and we don’t know what caused that).

But what I understand about the caulk is that we must completely remove away the old caulk that has been there for over years and re-caulk them back.

We would re-caulk the tub space entirely including the other sides. We would make sure the entire perimeter all caulk well. Possible, we hope to re-caulk the base at the floor.

We were using a box cutter and a little plastic tool to strip down the caulking. The tools are working great; most especially if we look upon the razor in the middle of the V to help slice while stripping away the caulks.

Vintage shower doors
The plastic tool was not working in the bottom of the tub. It was slipping through which make it unable for it to grab the caulk along the floor. We use a box cutter instead on the floor.

Stripping away the caulk was a bit long and time-consuming. It takes us some minutes while using the box cutter to scrape the caulk away. The caulk has been there for some years and that’s why we are finding it hard to strip it off. Yes, we did it.

Now it is time for us to work with the new fresh stuff. We intended to use silicone relating stuff for the tub/shower (preferable a white color plus a clear caulk). We use our hands to smooth the edge after we taped it off. 

We wait for some moment for it to dry and then hung a curtain. We used a rod that we bought from the store in hanging the shower. It was kinda and we like it house airy it looks.

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Details about some of the material we used; the caulk we used is a fresh and new one that we bought in the store purposely for the shower doors. Our box cutter is an original and existing one that we have used in other different projects that we take on. The plastic tool was also bought from the store a long time ago.

Vintage shower doors


While the shower curtain we used is original 100% cotton we bought from the store too. We bought it almost a year ago and it has been so nice since then.

Here we come to the end of the vintage shower doors, what can you say over this? Did you think the caulking of the particular perimeter is a time consumer?

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