How To Paint Your Daybed (Explained)

After creating an office space in my living room, I decided to obtain a metal daybed. The mattress is a superb one and that’s why I fell in love daybed. It has a good bolster too.

When I obtained the daybed, I thought that the black is even better than the other. At a side of the living room, there was an office I created and I want a daybed, so I proceed to obtain one for myself.

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Over 2-3 years, I have been using the daybed and all I can is it was good most especially in a house or own private office. So I decided to transform (makeover) it looks.

Tips for the painted daybed process:

– I use two different kinds of 2 coats to painted a particular spot first

– I use my fingernail in testing the paint by scratching it off to see.

The Process of How I Painted the Metal Daybed

– I firstly clean off the complete bed metals using good fresh warm water together with vinegar. That would rinse away oil, dust, or debris that has been laying on the metals over the years.

sponge painted daybed

– Practicing the above mention tips (paint a spot). This will help you to understand whether the paint will surely adhere to the metal without sanding or not.

– I piece down the bed. This would help me in painting the entire surface well. If you didn’t piece it down, you won’t be able to paint every including corner and other tiny sides.

– I have already gotten my quality brush quality set of brush which I use to apply the first coat. I apply the second coat too which proves the coat combination looking.

– Slightly wet sand the surface to dissolve the worn shabby area.

– Finally, apply wax or matte varnish

I use (Interior Matte Paint and Primer in One, 1 Gallon, Collector’s White) for the painting process. It was very good and bright. The daybed turned out exactly as I hope since at the starting point.

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Here we come to an end on how we painted our daybed, what can you say over this? Drop your comment below.


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