Our Beach House Siding Before And After

It was looking rough when we first moved into the house. It was an interesting moment experience since when we get into the house as we have funs and learn a lot of stuff through making different DYI in an attempt to restructure the house’s entire look.


We should first look into the outside of the house before moving maybe to the downstairs or inner. The sidewalk of the house was greenish-gray when we obtained the house but was later repainted to pink which features the house well more than one could though.

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We renovated the roof, siding, steps, windows, and even the brick foundation which was repainted. Most of them are changed, while some are repaired if possible to good and beautiful ones.

The roof was brown before and we didn’t border changing the color and live it like that. The siding is purple-cream and was changed to pink and SW Snowbound for the trim.

Beach house siding

Funny as we found out a vine that gets its way into the house and has been growing slowly in the house toward the porch.

The porch and the floor look old and fading, so we decided to repaint it with almost the same color it was painted with before. We repainted with the original color so that it would match and reflect a solid color that has beneath transpire of maybe the previous olden color.

Most especially the porch, it hardly changed completely from the original color that was painted with before and we don’t such type of paint mix to happen.

We use Sherwin William’s Breaktime for the painting of the ceiling and Behr’s Pacific Fog for the floor painting.

We renovate the bench we found in the house to an outdoor wicker-style which has the capability of holding more stuff than the before one. The bench was wide and cozier. The porch was used in the backyard using the wood floorboards instead of the weather-proof siding which has turned into a bad situation.

The side of the house was somehow rotten and that makes us feel not to do the landscaping yet. We have planned for the landscaping of the both backyard and the side of the house.

The foundation was sinking and that’s what forced us to turn off and work on the side of the house. It also leads to the damage of the condition of the beams that are supporting it.

We found out a tree that is steadily growing in a bush in the backyard and possibly will wreck and damage our foundation. So, we get the tree outta the place to prevent it from growing more again.

We added landscaping (fence) to guard the backyard boundary. There is a pet there and the landscape will help to pave the path of the place.


The entry was not bad as the exterior of the house that we just discussed. It was even like the people who live in the house previously before have started a pre-renovation of the house.

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We met some home renovating materials in the house.

In the house, some certain places have been painted drywall, ongoing floor renovation, and another kind of reworking processes. We didn’t border ourselves to prepare for another trim for the floor; we instead salvage the original trim of the home and utilized it for the first floor.

Beach house siding

We use Sherwin William’s White Heron to paint the entire wall of the house including the floors all around. We live the original railing wood that we found because it is a quality and worthy one and then suggest repainting it with the same color we use for the floor so that it would look matched, but that seems impossible because the wood type is not a heart pine which is used for the floor.

We just move and painted it with the same color we use for trim, but a little deeper, and that made a difference in the paint colors.


The foyer of the house is big and very wide that could be divided into at least two other rooms’ space. So, we divided it into two and make it to be kitchen and dining. It has a beautiful original light fixture at the room center which we settle, make usable again, and was used at the pantry.

We found the foyer in a very messy situation. We have a very long way to go about it and to make it easy for ourselves and even create some useful spaces, that’s why we divide it into two for the kitchen and dining. Here is the new look of the area. The woods of the life side have turned very bad which force us to rebuild with new boards.

We won’t spend much time here at the kitchen and dining table with photos because we did a lot on reinforcing the weak and dead woods. In fact, we installed a new HVAC across the house. That really consumes much time and energy as well.

After rebuilding and reinforcing things from bad to good, we finally achieve a functional kitchen and dining. The floor planning was somehow challenging and took us time to do, we replace whatever that is needed with the original including the door. We find out that the staircase is no longer used in most houses of our neighbors that we have been before, but still we did it at last.

We shifted the kitchen door through the side space after finding out that it is tight and won’t be convenient for us to use.

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We expand the wall to the downside and we can now head directly to the laundry/mudroom – which we usually get in through the door of the house side. We can also move into our pantry directly from the kitchen.


The fact is that if we didn’t work on the house after the bought it, there is no way it would look good no matter the amount of wallpaper or staining method we intended to use for the house. The fireplace mantel we met has turned into a very bad one. We discover it was not an original which automatically should not be on the wall.


The mudroom and bathroom based in the downstairs are the worst part of the house including the pantry. They had to be seriously torn and rebuilt. The rooms are behind the rooted exterior that we try our best in rebuilding.

Beach house siding

We work on many other parts of the house including the mudroom & bathroom, upstairs hall, and office, front bedroom, middle bedroom, bunk room, hall bathroom, back bedroom, our bedroom, and also the backyard.

We hope you guys enjoy our beach house siding before and after. What can you say over this? Did you we made a progress concerning the before and after of the house sliding? Drop your comment below.

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