How We Chose The Paint Color Of Our Exterior

Some months ago, we made very huge progress about the house we were seriously rebuilding. It was not easy as expected, but we were able to conclude the house reworking at the end.

After working on the house exterior for the habitat and humanity, we realized that there is a need for us to paint the surface to make it beautiful and professional.

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There was snow that lasted for over three weeks (twenty-one days in a row) which cause a bad scarcity of material in Richmond.

Gravel Gray

We were scurrying all over just to buy some certain materials needed including light fixtures, tile, and cabinetry. We didn’t include the paint color because we aren’t ready for that at the moment.

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We have been thinking that the exterior should be painted in a navy form with crisp light trim with maybe other rustic touches that includes chunky wood porch beams together with stones rounding the foundation.

We hit the builder on phone to describe our intention on the painting color, but he was boarded already.

Gravel Gray

We firstly get some numbers of pieces of samples on how we wanted the painting should be to the particular exterior place. We use each while holding and examining all the rounds of the places to know how they look in different lighting conditions.

Here are all the swatches that we took to the place:

– Hale Navy

– Gravel Gray

– Polo Blue

– Newburyport Blue

– Van Deusen Blue

– Gentleman’s Ray

– Westcott Navy

– Newburg Green

– Old Navy

Some of the swatches get exposure themselves. The Gravel Gray and Polo Blue are some deep colors and don’t represent themselves well when we held them up because they look black.

The Westcott Navy represents smidge too gray. The Van Deusen Blue looks lighter of its nature just like a medium blue.

Gravel Gray

After rounding up the first stage with the nine pieces of samples, we move to the next round stage with only three contenders. Below are they;

– Hale Navy

– Gentleman’s Gray

– Newburg Green

The Hale Navy had a little bit of charcoal-ish undertones, Gentleman’s Gray seems real and pure even though it is a navy and the last Newburg Green was somehow smidge lighter with a hint of the green undertone.

Looking deeply into the three of them, there is a clear ranges identifier – unlike getting test pots of three identical navy colors.

We believe that the complete three of the colors can work and hopefully it does. That motivate us and we didn’t relent back, we move directly to the store to obtain the needful. We bought the three different test pots that we will use on the side of the house.

Gravel Gray

We brush each on a minor space of the wall so that we can identify each of them whenever we want to do so and wait. Each of them gets dried in a couple of minutes.

After that, we tend to apply the second coat and give them some minutes again to dry. This will help us to know the real outcome of each color.

Two among the coats applied on each of the colors get dried, we were able to clearly understand that the Hale Navy and Gentleman’s Gray was a little bit darker and strained.

The Newburg Green was slightly “midnight-ish” and formally intense. It might sound weird describing or determining the potential outcomes of colors with either less, formal, or being more. The Newburg Green is friendly and unusual to a person.

Gentleman’s Gray and Hale Navy are actually a little bit handsome, but Newburg Green was just eyeing us and it seems we can’t live it go “come on, come on” even though the first two are darker/grayer and might have contrasted with the roof.

Gravel Gray

We finally chose and decided on which to go for and it is Newburg Green. After following the process of testing the swatches, we finally end chose the trim color of comfortable choice (Stem).

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It is not bad in following this tactical process to know the outcomes of the paint coat you are eyeing and deciding on even if it would charge you hours to days.

The Stem we chose is less blinding and stark and the outcome color is “clean white”. The complete color selections look great and beautiful after concluding the painting. ‘

Here we come to the end with how we chose the paint color of our exterior. What can you say over this? Did you think the color testing before selecting is a good and welcome idea? Drop your comment below.

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