How We Installed Wardrobes For Our Bed As Closet – More Storage

As we cross to New Year, the first thing we started with adding wardrobes close to our bed to obtain more storage as a closet. We started early in the morning, though there is so much cold since we are in the winter season.

We have planned to add two more closets to the bedroom. Some people might be surprised by that and why not one and after sometimes added more one or live it just like, but the issue that the one might still not be comfortable for us (me and my dear wife).

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It might not contain our cloth because currently at the moment before adding them, we usually forced ourselves to take our clothes to the guest bedroom. So that’s we fittingly prepared for it on that day, even though it is New Year’s days.

Bedside Closet

The day was kind of busy and wrestling days at home, but that was not what we use it for. We instead utilize the beautiful time to work on the bedroom closet which was among the major issue we are facing concerning the house.

Here’s the breakdown of how we spent the day;

8:30 am – Up and at em;

9:10 am – We went to the Ikea store for the purchase of the materials need.

11:20 am – We reached the store and headed directly to the closet department.

12:40 pm – We live with (two) big wardrobes that we will use for the closet. We also bought some interior fittings.

2:10 pm – Back home and went directly to keep the stuff. We had to rest for moments.

Our way going is faster than when we are heading back. And I think this is because maybe there are more little people on the way plus the fact that we are not moving fast since we have two giant wardrobes with us. We have to drive a bit slow for safety.

2:35 pm – We stood up since we knew that the wardrobes are not going to fix themselves. We have to act ourselves and sit around.

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Since then, we started working. We brought out the sides tables and start the wardrobe framing. We firstly framed one, remaining the other one.

4:40 pm – We started framing the second wardrobe. The curtains (we had before) were re-hang back again to the back of the wall to increase the window size.

5:35 pm – We forgot to buy a long screw (that will be used for the behemoths) along our way back from the Ikea. We have to quickly go back again to Lowe’s to buy the crews.

Bedside Closet

The Ikea is supposed to add the long screw, but maybe they have forgotten or something else. We too weren’t able to check if the screw is added to the stuff.

When we are back, we installed quality shelves of five and a hanging bar in the wardrobe of my dear wife.


7:40: pm – We installed three drawers together with a hanging bar in my (own) wardrobe. We wanted to add two shelves before. But we didn’t, after realizing that the sizes are not compatible.

9:40 pm – After that, we moved all our kinds of stuff including shoes, bags, belts, and clothes into the amazing new closets that we just concluded.

They are beautiful closets as we finished installing them. The closet of the guest bedroom that we are using before is now empty since we have packed all our belongings back to the new fantastic closets that we installed in our main bedroom.

10:10 pm – We hung white curtains (matching ones) on the two wardrobes. While looking at it for some moments, we realized that if the curtains are moved a little to the side, they look more fantastic and not like the cheap raw fabric.


Bedside ClosetWe rest for some days and begin to progress with many things ahead. We bought molding of an inch (8) eight which we installed at the top of the wardrobes so that distance between it and the ceiling will reduce and appear less. It would help to bridge the gap that is on top of each wardrobe.

The wardrobes reached the ceiling after extending it by attaching the new panels around the windows and molding. We attached the curtains back again to the wardrobe.

The wardrobes look better after the gap in between the ceiling is bridged. The white curtains that we hung at each wardrobe side seem so cheap and not fantastic as we expected, so we head on a shopping spree for more curtains.

We were so curious about choosing another color that might satisfy us after getting back home.

Bedside Closet

We have spent and wasted some money before since when the shelves we bought are not a suitable size for the wardrobes and we have no option but to leave it. We bought different colors so that we won’t be patronizing for several times within a day.

As the bedside closet project is coming to an end, the sing-arm lamp that is exactly at the center of the room comes to our mind. We went to get it from Richmond’s lighting stock. We bought the swing-arm light lamps including the interiors like brushed nickel, and the plugin-in.

The bedroom looking changes after we have worked on it. If you can clearly look behind the photos, you will realize how we tucked the base curtain base and the lamp are pushed to the edge which the room look more polished.

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Still, there are things that can be included in the room. Just like the refrigerator that can be added at each side if it is two, or by a side if it one depending on your financial availability chance.

Bedside Closet

We won’t hang a wood the front of the down-side of the ceiling looking toward the front of the wardrobes at their head.

Here we come to the end of the addition of closets in the bedroom, what can you say over this? Did you think the addition is useful or not? Even though, some bedroom has enough built-in closets already. Drop your comment below.

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