How We Obtain Our Rugs (The Design, Amount, And Other Criteria We Always Look For)

Over the past years, we have received uncountable questions concerning the type of rug we use in our house and also how much we bought them. What kind of material or design did we like as the best among the others and even amount of each particular kind of rug.

The true fact about the kind of rugs we use is that it is complicated as each particular rug might be expensive, cheap, with different materials or designs. That should not be depressed or make you feel crestfallen.

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The rug is among the home stuff that can be gotten easier or without any tension of going for wrong unlike may tile or others. You can easily detect the good among since it can be physically touched and reviewed, even though most people feel scared of that.

Yhl magic rug

Feel free and eliminate related to fear. As we (I and my dear wife) have bought several different kinds of rugs, knowing many designs with experience of repeatable times, we can able to guide and reveal what we know about it.

We will discuss some issues that include the too small or big size, design, cheap material, cheap or cost of it.


This is the first controversy that one might come across whenever you want or preparing to buy a rug. Everyone always admires big rug and that is an undeniable fact. You and I want to obtain a big rug for our which maybe is not recommendable or worth it.

You won’t be happy if the rug is oversize and possibly hits the baseboard. Adequate rug size can change your home floor looking to a beautiful and modernized one. The rug may reach from one wall to another wall and still produce a good-looking room floor.

In a case whereby your room is a large or opened-wide surface, a big rug will bright and turn the floor to eye-catching.

Yhl magic rug

One of the simple ways to know the size of rug that you suppose to buy is to make sure it can be able to cover the spaces of all the furniture in the particular room or place. Make sure that the size can connect the stuff in the room like chair, coach and maybe if there is a table.

When planning for floor decoration, connect the furniture in the room with the fug and make sure no one is left behind under a plain floor or tiles.

It helps the furniture to look like they are planned at their location. It would help to keep the furniture intact and avoid floating around.


We have used a number of designs and colors of rug which enable us to gather experiences concerning yhl magic rug. Over the past times, we have understood the pattern and concern of rugs.

The patterns of rugs are one and the most valuable factors that lead to using of particular kind of rug because is bright on the floors. There are quality rugs (with less or non-attractive design patterns).

They are so expensive and some people use them in their various rooms, but if you look clearly at most of the rugs, you will find it hard to admire the rug despite the being quality and expensive one, why? Because they are attractively designed that can catch eyes.

There are some olden days traditional rugs that composes of Persian and Turkish type that was once in our house before, they are literally expensive and lasting ones, but due to being too local and not-attractive, we finally removed it away from the rooms.

The designs patterns of rugs really matter a lot and ensure that you aren’t forced or convinced to buy a non-attractive one that you won’t use or regret later.

So if you are ready to get one, make sure that you check the designs thoroughly and check a generous one that can is attractive according to your view so that it would look bad and uninteresting later after using for days to months. The latest traditional-looking rugs are good too if you are able to get one.


Their different kind of materials of rug that people use in their houses, but to us, we prefer the natural ones that are even 100% pure if possible. There are 100% natural rugs that are highly recommendable for one to buy just like the fiber, cotton.

Yhl magic rug

People do always wonder or ask why did we prefer the 100% natural tiles over the mix or complete something else.

The reason behind this is that we don’t have anything like staining, fading, and maybe possibly unravel in days coming after start using. If you can try and get yours too like that, it would last for a long time without having the issues I mentioned.

Natural materials have two potentials of use that most people don’t know. The first thing is that the natural material of the rug is plush, soft for underfoot, and easy to wash.

While the second thing is that it has the potential of lasting for a long period of time without encountering an issue with it. It has a strong durability and longevity capacity and I don’t think you or someone won’t consider this.


Not obtaining the bright, attractive, natural, expensive, or whatsoever, the cleaning and caring aspect might stick you to go for one if you were willing to work or pay for.

The cleaning of the rug should not be taken for granted because it is a necessary thing you will do in the future after buying.

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Whenever we realized that the rug is dirty, we will fix it a day so that we can be able to clean it. We vacuum, pour detergent into it with hot water, and left it for like an hour so that it would help us rinse out some dirty first before touching it. It washes out stains and any form of dirty.


There are countless places for rug shopping, but here is our recommendable place and even where we bought our particularly.

Yhl magic rug

One thing we consider before our recommendation is that we have bought from almost all the know places, both online and local stores and we can strongly confirm that good better ones.


This depends on base on how the stores price their stocks and as everyone knows, there is an increase in almost stuff globally since the outbreak of the recent virus.

In regard to this, I think the best way is to obtain a quality and attractive one that you can comfortably afford without issue.

Here we come to the end of how we process our rugs, can you afford and take care of the quality rugs? Can you use the tradition-looking rugs, even though they aren’t much good in terms of design pattern? Drop your comment below.

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