How We Grout Our Penny Tile (Complete Process)

Grout has been the last thing we decided to do after completely working on our penny rounds tile. The tiling was a successful journey for us.

Then we start preparing for our grout mixture as we planned to be our final agenda. The grouting of the penny tile would look good and make the till filled without any space.

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So, we obtained some materials which will be used for a mixture of grout. It includes;

– A clean bucket which will be used for water

Putty knife

Another bucket that will be used for preparing the grout mixture

– Sanded grout (you can use any type of sand, but we prefer Mobe Pearl color)

– A rubber float (there are other types of float you can use apart from the rubber type)

– Grout admixture for smooth and flexible – it also helps in curbing the shrinking and cracking of the grout while applying it to the tile

– Sponge

– Rosin Paper is included, though we have a remaining of it at home and that is why we don’t even buy any it is very helpful in keeping the mess off of the counters

The grout mixture process is just like the thinset that is prepared in small quantities for immediate use or possibly within a range of short period. It is a fast-drying mixture that doesn’t last and turns to wasteful after then. People who always or maybe rarely use grout or thinset, would realize that it doesn’t last for a long time for valid use or else turn to the wasteful or uncomfortable for use.

The Grout mixture lasts for 20-30 minutes for valid and proper use. Once it passes that particular time, it would start drying fast which makes it more solid and tick. It would be hard for one to apply the grout properly without experiencing an issue. The grout doesn’t stay to fill the surface well because it has started or dried already.

Just like the instruction directed, I got a bucket aside and firstly poured a little quantity of the admixture into it and also added the grout power. I mixed everything inside the buck using a putty knife (that I usually use for our thinset project).

Grouting makes me relax more and cool down because it doesn’t require energy and time unlike the installing process of the penny. After struggling out to complete the penny tile, the grouting becomes a resting point. It makes the tile so professional apart from the main use of filling the spaces and cracks I use the float in applying the grout on the tile.

We make sure the spaces and cracks are filled well and then proceed to scrape off the remaining using the float. We use the sponge and some amount of water in a bucket to smooth the grout applied on the tiles and also clean off some little dried ones.

Doing something that doesn’t consume more energy or concentration makes me more delighted. It is somehow fun to us but might cause tediousness to the wrist.

If you can look at the grouted and ungrouted tiles, you will realize the amazing changes. The grout makes the tile look beautiful, most especially if the installed tiles are also good-looking quality.

The surface will look bright after grouted and that is the essence of using a sponge and water to clean it off.

Grout penny tile

Even after cleaning the grouted penny using water and a sponge, we used a cloth to clean it again because we realized that there is still some haze staying on the surface after it is fully dried.

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And that’s how the grouting of the penny tile went, so amazing after the process.

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What can you say over this? Did you think the grouting process is as simple and easy as it seems to us? Drop your comment below.

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