How We Added More Shelves And Microwave To Our Pantry

I invited people for an organized small party that is scheduled to hold a place in my pantry. It was just like a little gathering and the invited people are not that much because the pantry is not big enough.

It is somehow small for gathering a much number of people. Until I already invited some people, then I realized that the pantry would be convenient enough to host many people.

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The pantry looks small and it is located at the back of my kitchen, if you aren’t aware, you might think that we hide it at a location behind the fridge. It is just because of its size.

That is how it looks like before and the door was opened at that particular time. I thought it was moved in before, but looking at the pantry replenished with stock made me understand that it was recently. Whenever the photo is even snapped, that should not be our bordering point.

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What we did on the space quickly delighted us in preparing to obtain a good standard pantry. In the house we left before, we usually stocked our food in some cabinets at the top side, and even in previous before the last one, we had good looking intense pantry cabinet that is somehow complicated.

It is not that much function and useful, sometimes it frustrates us. That’s why the process of getting our standard pantry closet is a highly welcome idea of progress to us.

After some months of living with it like that which triggers our emotion and frustrates us more for not functionally well, we later reason and come up with a little idea on how to work it out and make it a standard functioning one.

Our first thought is to insert our microwave into it even though that is often to most people. It is rare and common in society. We want a very good better place for the microwave on the counter since the hulking is removed. The lucky part is that the cabinet door of our previous kitchen becomes a hidden option for the microwave and we don’t even use it always despite the fact it is well set up.

Sometimes ago, we worked on our microwave and that make us have an experience of the concealing process. Putting this current one into the pantry would not be very hard for us to do.

We will create some ventilation ways like ample room if possible on the sides and maybe the back too. The door would not be closed even if we are using it because it might affect it in the future. Keep it open while in use seems not completely safe and something might happen after some days to start using.

We obtain an outlet from an electrician for the microwave plugging spot whenever we feel to use it. It cost us almost $250 charged by the electrician swing.

The counter looks more good, clear, and functional together with the pantry. We have tested the counter and the pantry for over a month now and we could confess that it is now working functionally well. We removed away of the shelves due to the size of the microwave that is not compatible together.

The best solution concerning the size of the microwave and shelves is to reposition the shelves to the topmost surface that is not used though that might task you some weeks to do.

We emptied the pantry and immediately start working on the adjustment of the shelves. Before, we are thinking of lowering the bottom shelves so that we will keep the microwave on top of it and the remaining shelves that are on the top of the microwave to down.

But instead of turning the microwave shelf to a lower one so that another shelf that is above it would automatically get a room. We rather reinsert another shelf for the microwave shelf. If we had hung that one a little bit above it, there would be even a small shelf that can be good for cans and small size items of the pantry.

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We used a crowbar to closely peer the braces that are there already before. It was so easy and we also nailed it in. The level lines that need to be re-installed are marked.

All those that need to be screwed are screwed back to their location. The interesting part about the microwave shelf and the counter is that it doesn’t consume a long time.

Even after we concluded the microwave and the pantry, we didn’t proceed with stocking it because there is still a thing that needs to be done. The painting, arranging the shelves in a better position and even the primary prime needs to be done. We may add some sort of storage on the door and organized the entire pantry well.

Before we even stocked and organized everything, we painted it and make sure dried well. The pantry look result is quite amazing.

Here we come to an end of our pantry cabinet with a microwave shelf, what can you say over this? Did you think the pantry expansion makes it look good and organized? Drop your comment below.

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