How We Removed Our Side Splash & Backsplash From Our Bathroom Sink

Since we started working on some part of the house, we do feel that the house is ours (bought and become our own) because of how we care and truly commendable things in the house.

We have been removing and stripping old and non-useful things in return for the addition of new model stuff.

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In the previous house, we moved from to this our present house, there is an old matted carpet that we found in the room of the house including brown curtains, the bathroom linen closet, doorways (which some are bi-fold) and also the wallpaper.

We use it as we met for a bit of time and later help them fit some among the stuff. We have carried away some out because we can’t be junking them for times without looking forward to them.

Vanity side splash ideas

Even the granite backsplash that is around our bathroom sink had to be taken away because it is located in the nook position of the room.

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Some people might feel anxious about this, but should not actually and you had to know about this; we were thinking backsplash cause the sink scream to be screaming like “Look I am a sink! In the middle of the man bedroom!” and if is tackled, it might make it Whisper “Hey. I am sink. But I look more like a piece of furniture because I am slick that.”

The position of where the sink does not border us, but our concern is that the sink looks different from other rooms. It looks so stick and that’s our concern. The bathroom sink is supposed to be attractive and fit like other rooms.

I don’t think there would be wall damages or any form of problem with splashing. There is no backsplash in the bathroom or any room of our previous house and despite that, the semi-gloss paint and the caulking are extremely working well without problem.

Luckily, the caulk that is used in the edge is waterproofed and the paint on the wall is a semi-gloss too. Don’t be confused, that’s just a mere rhyme. Wish you success on your sink.

Vanity side splash ideas

So, let’s begin the discussion on how it all went. But before then, let’s list the materials we use throughout the project work;

– Box cutter

– Metal knife for spackling (thin)

Firstly, I intended to mark the silicone caulk above the backsplash using a box cutter. I move to mark the caulk that is between the backsplash and the counter using the box cutter.

Then I start prying the backsplash slowly away from the wall using the thin spackle metal knife. You must be slow and careful at this point to avoid damaging either wall or the backsplash and also your hand against the knife sharpness. I carefully pry (teeter) the sides of the backsplash from the wall till it was completely removed without damaging any of the backsplash sides. It was a kinda thrilling project which I did myself alone because my dear wife was out for some assignment.

You might be surprised that I didn’t even talk to her the first time when starting. I want to test my ability to know if it is possible to remove the backsplash, but unfortunately, when I reached the point, I could go back rather than remove it completely.

If there was a chance and way of returning the back the pieces of the backsplash without boarding for another project, I would have done so immediately at the point of the prying.

Well, I had no choice than letting her know about it. She didn’t border much too because we have experienced the backsplashes that before in one of the bathrooms of the house we been to. So I took down everything and arranged them before she came back so that she would see it herself.


There is some silicone caulk that remains behind the wall which I used the metal knife (the one we used in prying the backsplash) to scrape them off. I pinched out the nasty glue that is tightly dried in the wall.Vanity side splash ideas Thankfully, it works out well without the attempt to damage the granite.

Unexpectedly, my dear wife comes in while I was scraping out the glue dried in the wall. The wall looks somehow good though when the glue is off. “Dare, what are you up to today again?” – I explained all how it goes.

We look forward to skimming coat the roughed and drywall to make it look good and the same just like the rest of the wall.

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This might not be interesting to some people and they did rather instead mud the wall for the skim coating. But we used the spackle dap (lightweight).

We sanded it until it is smooth and looked like the rest of the wall. But don’t make the mistake of sanding the wall while the spackle is dry, stop and let it dry.

Vanity side splash ideas

I used a white waterproof caulk in filling the spaces and cracks that is between the granite and the wall. I extended the caulk at the skimmed wall which will help to stop dribbling or collection of water.

And here we come to an end of our vanity side splash ideas, what can you say over this? Can you do it yourself without informing or help of your partner too? Drop your comment below.

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