How We Tiled, Cleaned And Grouted Our Sunroom – Outdoor Area

Some months ago, we work our sunroom wall art which was so fantastic and wonderful. Here today, we shall be working on the floor tile. The tilling was not easy as the wall art. It was in a cold and rainy time, but still, we didn’t ignore taking off the project.

We perform three actions on the sunroom which include tiling, cleaning, grouting, and making sure it was all done well step by step up to the end of the.

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We started with the co which is tilling and it is even a compulsory one to start with because there is no we can arrive at the second and the last work without perfectly concluding the first one.

Before the floor is cemented which turns to stained later. It lasted for some years. Some people might be asking why don’t we rework and painted the existing cement that we are using for years before.

Well, the process is the easiest and most straightforward thing you can do to renovate and work on your floor concrete. It is cheap and lasted for a year without issue. But the real reason is that the cement concrete floor doesn’t really look good, fantastic, and professional with painting or staining ideas.

Sunroom floor tile

After you finish cementing the floor, you will be looking forward to staining or painting it which has never or doesn’t really look good and matches the model house. In fact, you will hardly find a house in recent years practicing that kind of floor renovating again.

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Let’s assume you paint it professionally with sweat paint, it won’t last for long without it fading and washing away over time due to raining fall.

Apart from that, whenever the concrete gets wet whenever water is intentionally or mistakenly poured on it, the floor slick and can cause falling down especially during the rainy season water always fills the floor.

People who have used cement concrete before would have once or many times experienced such a thing. It slips and falls people down on the floor. So that is the main reason we didn’t border of working on the concrete cement floor and rather just opted for the tilling process.

Changing from the cement floor to tilling is actually progress and a double welcomed idea to us. Firstly, we prepared for the concrete which we use in prepping and self-leveled the floor.

Sunroom floor tile

Basically, we bought the tile and the tilling supplies. The supplies include;

– Mortar powder (this depends on which you feel comfortable for you, but the brown bag is more recommendable.
– Little admixture bottle for gray color

If you mix up the above supplies for tilling, you will be able to achieve the thinset. Thinset is the mixture that would be used for prepping and self-leveling with the concreter to install the tile on the floor.

Once the floor is settled up using the cement concrete, then apply the thinset on the floor.

Already, the thinset would have been prepared a few minutes to level off the floor – this is because the concrete might start drying before you would prepare the thinset. That means you will need someone near to help in doing some other thing so that the process will go smoothly.

You must be cautious while preparing for the thinset because it doesn’t stay valid for a long period of time. Once you prepared it, it shall not be left without use or applying it to what you want to do for more than half an hour. These are more of the reasons that you will need some to work with.

The floor of the sunroom you want to tile is a big space and would require more thinset for the tile attachment, so you will the thinset would be prepared in medium batches (not small amount or very big so that it won’t turn to waste).

Sunroom floor tile

Like ours, when we divide the floor into four-part since it is somehow big that would consume time. We are only, me and my dear wife.

We started the prepping and self-leveling of the first part of the floor with the concrete cements me and my wife, but she stopped and start preparing for the thinset few minutes (like 15min) before we finish. The cement concrete must be averagely solid. Don’t make it very thick and solid so rather a little bit soft.

Immediately after we finished, we just start pouring the thinset on the floor and spread it well using our trowel. The thinset mixture is prepared down already by my wife and that’s why she started earlier.

After spreading it wide to the edges, then we start applying the tiles. We make sure the thinset is smoothly spread well before we started attaching the tiles on it.

The reason for the self-leveling and prepping of the cement concrete well is to ensure that the tiles are high or low than each other when installing.

If the tiles are not straight and leveled up together, the tiles will be damaged within a very short period of time. The tiles and thinset would gum together well to hold on concrete cement because of the instability ratio that makes it higher or lower.

Sunroom floor tile

Wind will penetrate into spaces that are left behind when the tile is either high or low instead of stable and smooth and that’s why the tile would not stay or last and damage in quickly.

You can even remove the tiles through that spaces and I can assure you that they would be removed quickly because it is not installed well at the first time.

Make sure everything is concentrated; you can even apply a small thinset at the back of the particular tile you are attaching so that it will correlate and hold well. It might be consuming your time if you determine to work well and calmly, but that should not border you since you are aiming for a lasting and better tiling outcome.

After completing the tiling process, then move to the cleaning and grouting. These processes are almost the same and are done once for all. Get your grouting mixture material aside including the cleaning materials too (water, sponge, and then rag or cloth).

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Prepare the grouting mixture material. Don’t prepare much because it is also like the thinset that doesn’t last for a long time. Read the complete process of preparing grout here.

Sunroom floor tile

Get your bucket with clean water and the sponge aside. Start applying the grout into the cracks and spaces and make sure they are filled well, and then apply small little water on the particular tile you have done and rinse the remaining thinset, grout, or any form of dirty away.

When you are completely done with everything, live to dry for some minutes to hours and then use the rag or cloth to clean away more dirties and haze.

Here we come to an end of the sunroom floor tile, what can you say over this? Did you think that tiling of the sunroom floor is progress and a better way out? Drop your comment below.

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